Quimbanda and the Exu art of Damned

So any people that are familiar whit the Exu traditions and spirits associated whit him ? And not talking about the Macumba part of it, but the pure Exu.

@Mephiles Check out the book from Martinet Press. Quimbanda: the cult of the Red and Black Flame. I haven’t practiced anything in the book for reasons related to my own practice but I trust Martinet Press and they do check whether material is genuine before publishin it.


I know that book, no I asked if any one of you practice this system.


I’m a little familiar with the system but I’m not initiated. Maybe one day. What’s interesting is that the 72 demons of the goetia are incorporated in certain practices as Exus. It would be interesting to compare the Exu and non Exu forms of our demonic allies.