Enmity upon the cliff edge
The boundary crossed nothing said
Only birds heard, arrows through air
Sunlight behind ; shadows unfair
Cries from the wounded remorse snared
Traps long laid our warning given
Our land our own, leave or beware
Sovereignty for those who dare
Dominion given ; distinct heirs
Plants in the soil animals still
The stench of death daily risen
Men on two feet, dogs on all fours
Though laying prone for those inside
Repeated again, signal clear
Living to die, sacrifice near
Slight movement, I shift, slow release
My weapon is range, inclined hill
This he knows and presses on forth
Heavily clad, larger with bulk
Weight his downfall ; the pit, the rope
To cover throat or trip and fall
Quicksand beneath made long ago
Nature our ally, this our home
Attempting to flee, backside seen
Those in the tunnels now released
Territory disrespected
Once slaves now killing to live free
Mayhem and folly watching tall
Two brothers born one light, one dark
A mighty king slain, garment gone
Peace is a lie when they invade close
Nothing but inedible leaves