Quick Tip for better communication with a spirit

I’m considering myself as a beginner and gain a lot of valuable information from this forum. Therefore i want to give back and share a quick tip, that helped me on my journey:

When I feel the sigil flashing and I feel somebody is in the room with me, I put the sigil with my hand on my heart chakra and let it stay there while I communicate. Doing this makes the communication stronger and only then it makes me feel I get information, that I would never thought of myself. I’m working with Belial everyday and since I do that, I get information that astound me. It is like an amplifier and should be especially interesting to try for beginners here on balg.

Thanks and enjoy your Sunday.


Thank you :blush:

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Welcome. Will share when I found more, that helped me during the process.

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I’m grateful for the information, as I am considering myself somewhat of a beginner too in comparison to the folks here☺️ I have gleaned a lot of interesting and helpful information just reading the threads😉

very useful information, may I ask how log you do this for? after the sigil flashes and i feel the presence I always love to stay still to receive any messages but I get drained, I’ve now started to lie down when that happens and sometimes the energy of the spirit gets stronger but i still can’t do this for more than 20 minutes to half an hour!


I am looking forward to trying this out. Thank you!

Try also, instead of trying to focus on the words or insights of the spirit, focus on what isnt the spirit. It sounds counter intuitive but i believe it lets you better experience the spirit by clearly knowing what isnt.


I do it until I feel it is done and time to tell the spirit it can leave when he/she wants to leave. Sometime it is after 5 minutes, sometimes 30 minutes. We don’t have time to waste when we build our kingdom and spirits, who talk a lot usually dont get much done. The spirits getting stuff done usually don’t talk much.