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Can someone tell me if I’m working with the real Papa Legba or an impostor spirit? I don’t know if I’m telepathic or just making up conversations with myself mentally. Thanks in advance.

If it works does it matter? Try to receive material effects. If there are no effects I would suggest you Omega 3 supplements. They help with brain issues.

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At first it is like you are hearing only yourself, but it will be stuff you didn’t know before. Then you will hear clearer as you open up more. Work on opening yourself up. (I need to
Follow my own advice.)


Thing is. I don’t know if its accurate lol. Conflicting messages as well

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You’re still opening up right? That’s how it is. A huge pile of mush that will start to come together as you get stronger. You will learn what is real and what isn’t. It’s all about clearing the noise and finding the truth. I’m not experienced with him, but he could be making work for you reward so to speak.

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Honestly I think all the beings I’m working with are making me work for it. Instead of blindly belieiving an entity I should follow my own heart. Thats the message I’m getting for myself. Less false ego more true self

They do that. Lots and lots of work on our part.