Quick results from Bune / Bime

Evoked the spirit of Bune / Bime this morning for assistance with a number of financial matters currently at hand - one of the issues was an ongoing delay in a project which had earlier this week been postponed until “early/mid next month”

In closing my ritual, I said that I knew I was asking for help in a lot of different matters and as soon as I finished my sentence of requests, the power went off in my ritual room for about 3 seconds. The power came back on and my incense smoke was rising rapidly straight to the ceiling.

I had asked Bune to remove obstacles in one of my companies and help for financial prosperity in this large project. Just now, we received an updated email saying the project had been moved up to start Tuesday morning.

This was less than a 4 hour turnaround from the evocation and the result.

Thanks to Bune for the fast assistance!


Adding to this - I just got a random email from a marketing agency asking me to be part of a social media marketing campaign for a local pizza restaurant and offering me $400 for my time to be in the advertisement for their new pizza naming contest.


hail bune


Hail Bune.



Ah yes, it is her :blush:
Hail Bune

So how you evoked her if I may ask?

Duke Bune greeting from me

It’s such an interesting point to note that I have had the electricity go out every time I’ve evoked Bime as well.

Bime also just manifested for me this week, about 6 days after I had requested something.


That is great ! I will do the same tomorrow and I can write feedback if you want