Quick Guide To Weather Magick

This is a quick guide, not a technical how-to guide, to weather magick.

Basically those are the tools I use and steps I personally take to do this kind of work. The objective is to make sure that I’m doing it right, not fooling myself, and not being deceived by my own mind ( yes it can do that easily if you’re not aware of it ) and lastly to insure that I reach my goals.

I’m providing this short guide for magicians interested in this kind of magick, hopefully it helps.

First step is choose and decide the targeted area or region that NEEDS change in weather. Dry places that needs rain for example. At this stage I need to study the region so I use satellite and weather images from two sources…

1 - https://freemeteo.com/

This website provide live satellite images for almost all regions of the world. This is best for directing rain towards a specific area because you can see clouds, storms etc in infra-red and perception. For example, if I’m targeting mid-Africa this is what I would be looking at :

The point here to check the chances of rain - for example - happening WITHOUT my interference. If the area is clear then I would proceed. If it’s already full of clouds and there’s a chance, according to the official forecast, that this area will get dramatic change in weather, I would look for another area. My goal is an area with less chance of rain, storms etc as possible.

2nd source is this website : https://earth.nullschool.net
Here is a long link to open the web app directly :

This source is used if my target is change in temperature, because it provides detailed information - live - about wind and temperatures of different layers of the atmosphere. Here is what I would be looking at :

As you can see, you can monitor the temperatures and wind for the whole planet by using this app or website. And you can change the settings to match what you want to know. for me, I would be looking for temperatures measures and wind speed. Extremely helpful if I’m creating or targeting hurricanes for example. Because I can see and measure wind-speed and the path of the hurricane as it’s operating on the ground. Also helps if you have access to a good tv weather channel to check the effect from their reports.

3rd step. Once the data is collected and analyzed. I start my ritual. And at this step, there are two options : To monitor those images as the ritual goes on. Very difficult and requires a lot of concentration and energy. Second option, is to perform the ritual then keep the data available to monitor the change in real time. That’s what I usually do unless it’s an emergency.

Please note, the way I operate is against the rule of “letting go” of your desire in magick. So It’s not recommended for everyone. This is how I work. If you want to follow the rules then simply once the ritual is done, close everything and forget about. Then check again a week or two weeks later or just wait for news ! For me, I monitor everything minute by minute. There’s a positive side and negative side to both ways of work… so you can choose the one that gets you best results.

Additional step :

This is NOT recommended if you’re not experienced in weather magick. So please skip this part or read it only for information, not practice.

This step is working on the sun. The sun is pain the ass ! And I had to study it and the data comes from it for about a week, to be able to use this data in my work. but this is not why it’s difficult to work with the sun. The main reason is because any mistake could cause extreme - undesired - change in weather on earth. I had to use help from several deities to work on it and I can’t consider my work 100% success. Because I made mistakes!

This is my main source when I work on the sun : https://www.spaceweatherlive.com/en/solar-activity

What I would be looking for is the data regarding solar flares, sunspots regions, and solar activity. I would also check the forecasts provided by the website and their twitter feed.

This may sound complicated, and maybe it is, but it’s worth it. If you want to take magick seriously then do that in action, not by cool bed-time stories. What we do in real life, that what matters. Not the praise we get to make us feel better or live a lie. Magick can do miracles for us if we take it seriously by study, work, analyzing and practice day and night until our goals are achieved. And they will be achieved.

I’m not suggesting that this how this kind of magick should be done or this is how you should do it, maybe you have a better way of doing it. This is just quick guide and an example with some information that could be helpful to you.

Wish you all the best. Good luck :+1:


What’s the ritual?

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Can’t share that yet because it’s still a work in progress,
When it’s complete and ready I may share it but not yet unfortunately.

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Fascinating, I am very experienced with Taoist Weather Magick. This information is solid, I like it!

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Of course you are, I’m a big fan of your work. I learned a lot from you. Actually you’re the one who inspired the whole thing for me When I read your amazing work. I consider myself a student and following and learning from everything you’re doing.

Really honored by your kind words thank you so much !

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That is awesome to know, I’m so happy to hear others talking about weather magick. It is high time it got more credit within this community. Thank you for taking an interest in my methods of nature manipulation! I’m going to share the link to this thread on my Tao Facebook group. I’ll be paying attention to your posts on here from now on!

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Yes exactly really happy we share the same view of this kind of magick work. And wish it gets the attention it deserves and we see actual results that benefit everyone.

Your kind attention to my work is way more than I ever hoped for, can’t thank you enough! Truly appreciated thank you :pray:

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I did a new video on things that could go wrong during Weather Magick and how to remain safe. Lots of tips and advice here for more novice practitioners who are looking to try the art for the first time.

Thank you so much that’s great guide for practitioners who wish to start experimenting with weather magick… priceless ideas in that video thank you :+1:

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Hopefully, you won’t mind if I just post this very helpful video here Prince. This is my new series dedicated to Weather Magick for novice practitioners and beginners, consider this a totally FREE video course on how to practice this obscure magick.


Thank you so much LordJoshAlen, That’s very kind of you ! Truly appreciate it.
Amazing information for beginners and advanced practitioners as well :+1: