Quick cleansing meditations

This is something I showed @QueenOfHearts. Not sure if I learned this from somewhere. Im sure you guys have used or know of something similar, but hell with it, I know will benefit someone.

Sit in a comfortable position with your spine straight as you can. Close your eyes and just breathe. Focus on your breathing. In through your nose and out through your mouth. Get lost in this rhythm.

Once you feel spaced out, picture a white (or whatever colour you want, I just go with white) light surrounding you. Breathe it in through your nose. When you exhale, picture all the negativity and days shit coming out of your mouth as a black (or again, whatever colour suits you) fog. Repeat this until you are satisfied.

(Feel free to add your cleansing meditations :slight_smile: )


Will do In a bit.
I know that I’ve done the tree trunk/root grounding before, butt at the base of the tree, knees bent upward in front of you, back and head against the tree. Close eyes and do rhythmic fourfold breathing. Imagine your feet joined at the roots. Take strength offered from the tree at your back (where chakras are, just occurred to me).
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I put a coat on after this- a auriac shield so to say… you can do what ever colors you want but you may want to be careful has some colors create an emotion in others that you may not want… the white light may make you appear superior to non magic/ idiots… I do a loving pink freaking light so that I do not come off has superior… but my coat before that is one that Hecate inspired in me. I usually put this on before I go into the office- I have alot of haters there.

this coat I learned in my early days when I was learning mediation and researching yogi Pramahansa yoganda.


Decide on the godname you choose to take protection from, even if yourself.
Decide on the banishing pentagram to use.
Stand in front of a mirror, and gather up all the nastiness around you.
Trace the banishing pentagram in front of your head, and vibrate the godname. I’ve usually used Adonai Elohim with a banishing earth pentagram.

Alternatively, you could do an active spirit invoking pentagram, which should shut down the four quadrants.

It could probably use the same technique using a heptagram to banish planetary energies.


Thank you for this man :facepunch: