Quick Advice

This is not Facebook, Reddit, Twitch, or Instagram.
Its not a popularity contest people.

Likes dont indicate a person’s popularity over the internet.

If you have a issue with a practicioner or their work, PM the magician and lay out ya beef directly

Or if ya had ya morning coffee and are feeling like the Hot shit:

Tag them in the post you are making and address them publicly.

But please don’t sneak diss a practicioner cause you can’t step to them magically. Then when the practicioner finds out, you wanna go changing accounts, yata yata yata.

If the practicioner actually challenges you, step up to the magical plate and fight.
Don’t make excuses such as:

“You’re weak”
“I don’t have time for this”
“I have the flu”

Causs it makes you look like a bitch. Cause that’s what they do.
Meanwhile the practicioner is shooting whole rounds into your house and burning it down and you pretend like nothings happening. (Which is a metaphor btw :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:)

The Gods require you to back up your shittalk with power. They expect you to be able to retaliate and defend yourself I case someone here’s about your Gossip and decides to fuck with you.

The Gods/Demons/Angels/Loa/etc you “work” with don’t gather around a practicioner and gossip and talk shit about them endlessly. They don’t talk period. They take action. If they see an issue, they will handle it. That’s it. If your spirits/whatever the fuck you work with are content with sitting around in a circle jerk and insulting magicians, then either (A) they are parasites cause parasites do that, or (B) those are some weak ass spirits incapable of any real action.

Nobody cares about ya Sex Life/Spirit Sex Life. Lol. At all.
Me fucking however many women or spirit women does NOT make me any kind of demonic royalty whatsoever or proclaim me any kind of God. It simply means I am finessed at bedding women/spirit women and have skill there.

Likewise: Sucking a Demons/Angels/elfs dick does not get you points in their book. It simply means they can leave your temple and laugh knowing they got another human woman/Man.

Oooo I feel the Jimmies getting rufled already :smiling_imp:

All in all, this is a family and community. It’s a fucking Forum full of magicians who take their work seriously.

Instead of sneak dissing other mages, please get up off ya ass and Increase ya own Post production/Ritual production and join those who are actually for real about Ascent.

Micah/Satan/Chad Thundercock/Friendly Neighborhood Asshole


Well put.


Exactly. If I wanted to read erotic fiction I would buy a Dame Barbara Cartland book.


Speaking of which; would you believe that ever since I posted my journal those crazy dreams stopped? Weird, right?

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Maybe they are shy dreams and they feel not comfortable in the spotlight all of a sudden


Whoever tried to involve me in their astral rendezvous bitched up.

And wasn’t there an entire thread deidcated to spirit sex? Now everybody is squeemish.

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I have not read your journal yet sorry. I did not mean you.

If it is genuine others experiences, cool. I just don’t care for obvious made up fiction too much


I figured, since you just signed up. I was talking to @Micah just in case he’s referring to my dream journal.


I just rejoined after being on before with a similar named user account. Lots of new members to get to know.x Sorry,I will not derail this thread anymore. nice to meet you

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Lmao what thread man? I didn’t read your journal

Lol sorry bout spit out my coffee @ thundercock. Swear I love you.


My apologies fam.

I’ve been informed by some trusted sources that this aint about me. I thought I was being set up.


Hail those Trusted Sources :joy::love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture: