Quetions you want answered

Hi all,
Ive noticed that similar questions keep coming up so Im going to be typing up answers to all these for new people to read.
So far I can think of sigils: how they work and other options in evokation, the purpose of a ritual, why your magic might not be working.
Can anyone think of anything else?

How to open third eye chakra, the importance of meditation and how it can help further open ones astral senses, in your evocation part maybe explain what full manifestation means and is, i have seen peoole on here be like wheres the demon lol. Im not sure of your background but maybe also include black mirror work for evocation and crystal ball gazing. The importance of energy work and sensing it for evocations and this will also help them with exerting their will when casting spells. Following your intuition. Astral journeying maybe? I know that helped me a lot when i first started. Also how to raise energy is another big one in magickal failure. And maybe what Ascent actually is and with different examples of ascent (i.e. Sephiroth, Qliphoth, and other such structures.) That is something most newer people misconceive also. Just some suggestions my friend you need not feel obligated to include it, but these are common things i see come up also.