Hi! I am really interested in doing an evocation but I have a few questions:

  1. Does the hour at which the evocation takes place matter? I mean, some say it should be done at 3 a.m. while others say it should be 1 a.m. or midnight

  2. I plan on trying to evoke Lucifer. Will he be able to hear me, even if I can’t hear him? That’s pretty much why I plan on calling him, as in to help me learn to communicate better with him. But I was wondering if in order for this to be a “deal” it would be essential for me to hear him.
    I tried to evoke him once following a friend’s vague instructions and I was standing up in front of a mirror in the bathroom. I wasn’t comfortable and in the process I kept thinking I should do more research before trying this again. And shortly after I found this forum so here I am :laughing:


Can you astral travel or have a good imagination? I’m different type of person, so my advice is to travel to one of his many, many temples in the ether to seek what you desire first.

There is the white one for success, his red one for war (curses), his blue one for planetary concerns, and his black one is for cosmic business. Just be nice and respectful, say you are from Sol, Earth 2019 and have official shit to do.


No, not that much!

Of course! Always assume he hears even if you can’t hear a reply!

That’s him guiding you!

It takes alot to open your senses and start understanding how they communicate with us! Watch your dreams and signs around you! Also thoughts and random ideas! An actual “hearing” takes work!


No, it doesn’t matter. The main reasons people tend to prefer the late hours is because it is quieter, and because it is traditional. The hour of 3-4 am has long been thought to be the “witching hour” and it is believed black magick is more effective when performed during that window.

Yes, always assume the spirit can hear you.

It wouldn’t be a “deal,” because you are not making a pact, but you will know if he has agreed to your request if you notice some improvement in communicating with spirits. However, be aware it will not be an instant thing. You will still have to perform exercises for developing your senses, but Lucifer will make it easier.


Try with his Sigil and his Enn, 1x white little candle (small candles function better) 1x holy smoke cinnamon, roses… in the atmosphere you feel confortable (with light on or not, do what thou wilt!). Happyness and being joyful is good, is meeting the best Friend ever. You can write him a small little letter too with concrete wish or what interests you and wear it with the sigil near you and maybe use a quartz crystal too, you dedicate it to Lucifer to empower your connection. Have fun and enjoy Him!

Hail Lucifer :heart:


I have one more question, if you don’t mind :blush: . Should I speak out loud or should I just… think? When I’m reciting the Enn for example, or when I say what I need his help for


What I would prefer is chanting enn in mind as your mind is more natural, away from bounds of language.
Your mind can easily reproduce the sound you have heard even if you don’t know that language like listen to an anime song or song in a language which you don’t understand your mind after some time will be able to replicate it but if you try to articulate that it would be difficult. Pronuncition is better in case of mind chanting also your mind will be focused only on chanting but if you speak out lound your mind can think of something else and that will divert your attention.


Like others have said, the hour does not matter but keep in mind that some hours can result in more powerful results.

He always listens, he may not respond right away but know that he heard you.

Regarding the enn, do what is more comfortable. I felt immense power when chanting out loud but I’ve noticed that chanting it in your mind helps boost your psychic senses.


You know Ive wondered at times if demons have “hours” because of different sleep schedules.