Hello everyone, I have many questions for you. First I wanna know where is the best place to practice magic? I do it in a room with only a tv and a bureau…second what is the relation between the aura and the magic? You’ll see i another page( I don’t gonna say the name) mentioned that when you increase your aura your magic increases too…what are the beast hours to do black magic?..and at last a very polemic question, the black magic does back fire?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Well quick answer/assumption to the aura question, aura is your energy field so increase the healthiness and vibrational level of your energy field and chakras and obviously your power in everything especially in magical and metaphysical phenomenon will increase in volume.

Not claiming to be aura expert here thought, i just threw in my 3 cents :smiley:

For me, the place with fewest interruptions.

second what is the relation between the aura and the magic? You'll see i another page( I don't gonna say the name) mentioned that when you increase your aura your magic increases too...

My definition is that the aura is a type of energetic field, or a part of the energetic body of a person. So the more a person develops their energy levels and will, etc., the stronger their aura will become. Since magic results tend to increase with some of the same exercises that will strengthen the aura, there is a tendency that an effective magician will also have a strong aura. This is not always the case depending on what type of forces one is using, but it seems to be generally so for those who also focus on increasing health and vitality.

what are the beast hours to do black magic?....

For me it depends on the operation. For personal daily work I like to do in the morning everyday since I have the most energy and clarity. For operations that effect other people, usually at night when they are sleeping seems to be recommended. For working with a particular spirit or tradition they may have their own guidelines.

The best things to do is keep notes and find out what works best for you and do that.

and at last a very polemic question, the black magic does back fire?Thanks in advance :)

You might get exactly what you ask for, and you might not be ready for it. Sometimes to have a thing you have to get rid of other things that take your time, attention, or energy. The things that stand in the way of your ascent may be things you currently enjoy. To succeed you might have to lose them. That’s why I think it’s a good idea to fully imagine what your life would be like with what you think you want, for the long term. This way you have a chance to foresee issues that might come up.

“To give up that which holds you back is not a loss.”

Manipulate the mind of other person cause backfire? I practice In a empty romo…its right

I don’t think it causes a backfire. But sometimes acting towards one person can open a link between the two, so that they are affecting you. For example if you have a desire or a strong emotion towards someone else, then they are already affecting you in that way.

In quite a few books from E.A. and others they always suggest the best place to practice the arts is in a room designated for THAT only and nothing else. E.A. often does his evocations and rituals in a designated remote area outdoors.

Sure, you can do all of this in the comfort of your bedroom or living room but I find the best results are obtained by having a space that is designated just for that purpose and also doesn’t carry with it any associations and energies from repeated mundane uses.

It’s like when you’re looking up a guide to better sleep they tell you don’t lay in bed unless you are intending to sleep so that way you associate the bedroom with sleeping and not laying awake there for hours looking at your iPad.

It’s nice to have that sacred space set off so that when you enter it you automatically can make that shift from ordinary mundane to being the magician in your temple. And also not having to do so many cleansing rituals before and after rituals because you are going to use it for something else.