Questions regarding GateWalking in the Simon Necronomicon


I have been deep diving into the Simon Necronomicon lately. Im getting ready to try my hand at the gatewalking initiation. However there are a few aspects that seem to contradict each other or just dont make sense from a timing standpoint. Especially if one also reads Simons other book “The Gates of the Necronomicon”.

  1. For those that have done the gatewalking initiation, how closely did you follow the rules of timing for the creation of the seals. The main problem is that many of the seals say to create them when the associated planet is exalted. Going by this, there wont be a chance to make some of the seals for 2-3 years. Looking at Saturn, it wont be exalted again till 2039. Considering the book warns you not to stop once you start and not to spend more than 2 lunar cycles in any gate… how is this possible if some seals can only be made years apart?

  2. In the second book Gates of the Necronomicon, Simon says the planetary associations are actually more like a blind, and the real associations are with stars in the constellation of the Big Dipper. In his revised material on the gatewalking initiaion he no longer gives any specifc timing for creating seals beyond the first gate. Instead the most important timing is to do the rituals on a full moon, at night when the big dipper is in the position where it "hangs from its tail’. Since this exact combo only happens in the summer months, again you would not be able to do all the gates in one summer. So the ritual would be spread across 3 summers or so, again we have long breaks and more than 2 lunar cycles.

So no matter which books timing you go with, it seems impossible to not have year long gaps and spend no more than 2 lunar cycles per gate. So whats the deal?

How did any of you deal with this?

You don’t have to go by the timing. Just use day and hour of planets if you really feel like it and as for orientation of the big dipper that is just based on location of where you are in relation to it. If you can project to travel the gates you can project to get the right orientation of the stars regardless of where the planet chooses to be.

The gate seals also hold the energetic and mental coordinates of these planes so you can also just bypass the timing altogether and just tune in on that mentally and then project to that beacon. Astrally create the seals by travelling through the time to the proper point and then bring the copy back to a physical body you have prepped etc.

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