Questions regarding Binding spells limitations

So I’ve been researching binding spells for a couple of days on here and kind of found the answer to my questions but at the same time I didn’t so I’m hoping to get some further answers to this.

these may be silly questions but I’m fairly new to bindings and I’m trying to expand my magickal workings and understand it more. I did read about other posts regarding the limits of binding spells but it did not really answer all of my questions.

If I were to bind myself or others from thinking negatively it would just make me/ them not think negatively right?

If I were to bind somebody from ignoring me all that would happen would be them acknowledging my existens and not really ignore me. It’s not gonna make them contact me or anything right? because all it would do is just make them not ignore me as in not ignore my existens?

lets say you were to bind somebody from not being able to get you out of their mind, would they be thinking about you all the time? since what you are doing is preventing them from not thinking about you?

If you’re trying to influence somebody, teacher, parent etc and they’re resisting or is a stubborn target would binding them from resisting the influence make them you know ”not” resist and just go with the flow instead since you bound them to not resist?

note I’ve not done any binding spell or anything. I’m gathering informations for future use, knowledge and perhaps bring some new binding successes here.
I’ve only ever done one binding in my life and I bound somebody to me. They kept coming back to me again and again.

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The only thing I know about bindings is that they can backfire sometimes. They can work in funny ways. As you bind another, you bind yourself. I learned this through experience.

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I think anything could backfire within magick but that is interesting. I wonder if I will do any bindings or not in the future. I usually do thorough research before dabbling into something new.

Your questions are valid, so props for having the courage to ask.
I would suggest to be more precise with what you mean. For example, find out what exactly causes or influences you to think negatively. Work with that, it may be that non binding approaches could help.
As for people ignoring and not ignoring you, it seems that influences magic may be what you are looking for.
I would suggest establishing a set time. Meaning, it seems unwise to bind somebody to think about you forever
I would add that you definitely have a broad idea of what you want. My opinion is that if you spent some time refining what you want, you may find other approaches that don’t involve binding. (Example, maybe you do a ritual to improve communication with a person. Then you can see if they are somebody you would like to keep around).
Finally, what does binding mean - to you? This may be a good starting point.


This was great I just wanted to know more about bindings. I know bindings are extreme but I wanted to learn just in case I’d try them out one day and yes you are totally right that other approaches would be better and greater than bindings I was just curious about bindings specifically. This did give me some new perspectives aswell and brought new questions to mind. especially they thing about ‘what exactly causes you to think negatively’.

I’m starting to be more open to other types of magick and workings as of recently so I’m exploring my options. I want to dive into more energy manipulation, telepathy, mind control.

I’ve done several bindings against targets and I was about to do one on a friend of mine that was kinda going into energy overload and their natural abilities were overwhelming them.

In my opinion, they’re just a convenient bucket to convey a message (the term ‘binding’) and really aren’t any different than any other working. The same “rules” apply as they would with any other working. Mentally, it may be different to the individual doing it and if so, then use that to your advantage.