Questions on this forum about "getting a sense" Scrying or Evok w/o Permanance

To EA (and others) I wonder about a newsletter, or other response, to the distinction between:

Scrying/"getting a read" on someone vs opening one's self up to something (and thereby binding ourselves to it).

Contacting an Entity via the Evocation process vs Allying one’s self to that Entity

(not just in terms of a Pact, but the part of BkoA quoted often and ‘interpreted to mean’ -once you call up an Entity you find you have always been connected… thus eternally (so be sure what an Entity is like before ever contacting it)…

also EA's comments about the intensity of contact being like the intimacy of sexual relations, often applied to Evocation (but perhaps that was just intended for Possession or Pacts?  -also is the intimacy of a Possession not tied to "Channeling"?  such that if you Channel a being one needn't be as concerned as the cautions of Possessing, let alone which to Evoke (ala EA's comparison to the Sex-Act)

Above just trying to pull the different aspects commented upon (as well as in the subject title for this thread- referencing comments by others on this forum about if you scry (using any techs from Divination course, like your scry-in-the-air spying on that person in EA’s town… if “spy”/look on an Entity, or just do a Tarot Reading, to get a sense (the persona-aura feel of a person/event/energy/Spirit)- does that somehow bind your energies?


  As I've been trained&experienced that part of the Getting to Know Process that one does a Light-read of different spirits, and by that sense of their "auras" sense if there is a compatibility (or not) with you... and what they are like... and then as you Approach to evoke (via Sigil &or Name Contact, then actual communication with "Them" and then call them up.. once they are CalledForth you really get a sense of what they are like, but others seem to have the concept that at that point they've bound to your soul or such.

  Also the questioning about the Spirits/Energies that were 'bound' to the Tome (of collected works)- many were worried what those Spirits/Energies are like (before the pkg arrived), and advice to scry and 'get a sense'  many seem to feel that scrying would pull it into their aura-field and home
(so rather than looking to See if it was ok, the need to find out if it is ok before looking; what I termed above "getting a read")   ..

re [url=‘the-complete-works-of-e-a-koetting’/msg11802/#msg11802]‘the-complete-works-of-e-a-koetting’/msg11802/#msg11802[/url]

although it seems once the bound object (whether this book, or any object that one Binds a spirit-entity into, as to be covered in the Mastering Evocation course) is actually IN one’s house that it would have a stronger affect than scrying into? (or the perception that “opening one’s self” to the energies- etc.)

I hope above makes sense- many questions and many debate seems to be (based upon concepts taught in prior BALG Newsletters and info) 

Is using “psychic sensing” is Opening One’s self & Evoking even for the first time binds one to the Entity CalledForth (let alone Contacted) ForEver


Is using “psychic sensing” is a way to get-to-know and gather initial recon (as well as begin the gradual introducing of one’s self to The Entity), as well as
Does the Evocation process start distant and step thru stages of clear and more direct Contact, and Evoking requires stepping systematically < yet how to interpret that in terms of EA’s comments about “realize that you are and have always been bound” -whether that means to Choose Wisely, and thus how get-to-know>