Questions on planetary magick

so when you use planetary magics do you HAVE to do them on the corresponding day? Also when it is the correct day do you have to wait till the corresponding hour? My last question is if it is Friday (Venus) and I needed to work with Jupiter, could I do the spell/ritual on Friday but during Jupiters hour(s)?

side note: I have wayyy more questions that I will definitely ask later, sorry lol.

Yes, you can. What you will get is the power of Jupiter focused through the lens of Venus.

When it comes to planetary magick, the hour is considered more important than the day. The hour is a direct beam of the specific planetary power, while the day provides a more subtle lens through which it is focused.

So, if you perform a Jupiter ritual on a Friday, in the hour of Jupiter, what you get is known as Jupiter of Venus, that is, the energies of wealth and expansion focused through a lens of love, attraction, and passion.

If you are interested in the nuances of planetary magick, I highly recommend picking up a copy of Jason Miller’s book Advanced Planetary Magick.


Thanks! So Jupiter focused through Venus what would that look like?

Basically it is the powers of Jupiter coloured by the powers of Venus, so it would be the perfect time to do spells where money is a function of attraction. It would also be good for spells to manifest luxury goods.


Mind and magick also has an excellent course on planetary magick and its very affordable. You can look him up on youtube.

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Thanks I’ll check them out!

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Thanks for your help!

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