Questions on goetia

Hello. I have done hella searching and lurking here for a long time. Any time I have questions I do use the search bar. I can’t find an answer for this specific situation tbh though.I have recently got serious with Goetia. Using gordon winterfields demons of magick book.

I did 3 evocations of 3 different demons for 3 different desires in the same day. Is this bad? I also did not put any time limits on my results appearing. Should I have?

So…my first ritual was for some cash and could manifest within maybe a month. I’ll see.

My second ritual was specific but could take Any where from 6 months to many years to manifest. It was basically about my desire of becoming a black belt in jujitsu. I’m still a beginner. Do I only consider the ritual a success and give an offering, once I get my black belt? (Desire manifested)

My third ritual was about becoming a fearless fighter. It was an internal change ritual. Now this might sound stupid…I had a dream that night, and I was fighting in my dream and fighting really well. Better than I ever do in dreams anyway. Did I technically get my result and should now give my offering and thanks?

I also told 2 specific demons that I wanted to establish a long term working partnership… but my astral? Senses? are crap.
So I asked the demons to confirm if they were content with this, by sending my messages in my dreams. (Was my dream my result I asked for, or a sign from the demon that he was agreeing to work with me)

I’m kind of confused. Ive heard goetia is tricky and I may have worded my statement of intent wrong. Do I re-evoke with clearer statements or give thanks anyway? I dont want to offend these spirits and I really want one or more of them to become my mentors.

Thank you for your time and any advice you may have.


Depends on how soon you need something. However, some things may take longer to get due to the spirits finding an outlet to manifest your desires.

I just give the offering right asap.

I consider the ritual successful when your desire manifests; after all, that’s your goal with it.

It’s hard to say. Sometimes your dreams simply reflect your waking life (in this case, what you’re looking forward to).

How are you fighting right now? And how did you word your desire?

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As a 12 years mma guy and almost purple belt in jiut jitsu. Muy thai fighter. Here. Tis guys will dont be like here etc. U put effort. And tears, sweet blood. If u doing tat. Check youtube videos .i was white and beating blue and purple guys. And saw a shy kid, whit a defense tat not bidy tap tat guy. I mean not one .he get tired only. natural defense. Try amazon kindle. Look for. S. Rob. He has 1 book in fights martial arts tat spirts will. Can help u in u own.

I am just beginning my training. I looked for that book on amazon but it is unavailable for purchase. Thank you regardless

OK. I will give the spirits time to get things moving.

The book states to give offering once results have materialised, I trust you so I will evoke them and give them an offering tomorrow then.

I am fighting in a few ways. One is that I have started jujitsu training. Then other is me being a security guard. I am confident in myself already but better skills and fearlessness can only help me even more so I did rituals for those.

One ritual was “I am a skilled martial artist” (I was picturing my black belt but I’ve also done a little boxing so I thought the ritual could improve both maybe)

The second was “I am a fearless fighter” (Ive got some skill with my hands in boxing but I’m a defensive fighter, this ritual was supposed to help me be more fearless"

I chose bune for money.
Asmodai because his/her powers were listed at elevating abilities to next levels.
And Belial because I’m just drawn to him. I read he can break you and rebuild you and make you stronger.

Can I have multiple demonic mentors (partnerships) or am I limited to one at a time ?

And thank you

I don’t know how to reply and quote on here properly yet.

If the book you are following recommends you give the offering after the results have manifested, then in my opinion, that is what you should do. That is the usual way it is done by most magicians. If you give the offering up front, the spirit may not follow through with the task, so why give the reward first?

This differs by system, though, which is why I said to follow the instructions in the book. You are using a particular system, that @Prophet may not be, and not doing as the author instructs may short circuit the whole thing and cause offense.

Yes, you can have multiple demonic mentors at once. Just make sure they all agree to it, and don’t interfere with each other.

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Right. I’m so indecisive and confused lol. So…let’s say it takes me 5-10 years to get my result…I don’t give my offering until then? Can I do other evocations/different tasks for that same spirit in the meantime?

I don’t want to offend these guys. Not out of fear. Just because I want to understand them and work with them, and be mutually beneficial to each other.

How do I know that they have agreed/disagreed when I can’t sense them? I guess I have to work on my astral senses? I asked Belial specifically out of all 3 rituals I did…to give me a sign in my dreams. I told him specifically and only him out of all 3 that I wanted to establish a mentor student relationship. And I had a dream of me fighting fearlessly…which was what I asked from him lol. So I think he is on board.

What is the limit of who/what gods/spirits/energies/planets I can work with?

Can I work with Mars(ares)/Venus(aphrodite)/gods and Goetia simultaneously?

If I wrote list of…let’s say…10 things I want to happen in my life…and did 10 evocations of 10 different demons and their specific powers…that’d be okay or would my life/mental state just get messy?

Can I cancel/edit a pact if my desire chinges?

I record all of my rituals and results to keep track of everything.

I constantly read and research every single day but I have so many questions still.

My magickal practise now basically consists of Chaos Magick, Mars and Venus invocations daily, and Demons of magick/goetia.

I have Seven spheres by rufus opus. (I haven’t got round to using this yet but I will in the future)

And Thank you

That is why time frames are helpful, unless you are working long term magick. I almost always give a few weeks to a month as a time frame for basic tasks in order to gauge my success.

Assume they have. You are not entering a pact, as i understand your post, you simply gave them tasks to fulfill so just assume they heard you and wait a certain amount of time for the result. If no result is forthcoming within, say a month or two, then consider it a failure.

There is none. You can work with whatever forces you think you can handle.

Yes. Planetary forces are compatible with almost everything.

Yes, if you think you can mentally, and energetically, handle it.

Yes, but it is up to the spirit you make the pact with as to the consequences in doing so.

Thank you for educating me. I appreciate it.
I will wait for 1-2 months for results. Is there a chance that I could consider the task a failure but the demon considers it a success? And it turns on me for not holding my end of the bargain? (Giving offering)?

I am loving invoking right now so that is good. It is very intense. Scary intense. A lot of energy. I am only sleeping 2 hours every night. Maybe I should slow down.

I only asked about multiple evocations in one day because goetia has a reputation for getting shit done. And I spent a good month just going through the book and their listed powers. I made maybe 20ish statements of intents for different demons. Spent a along time thinking about how they were all worded ect.

Some demons I just want a one time evocation and others i want long term business with.

There is an evocation for 2 way communication with the goetia but I don’t think I am ready to see them face to face just yet.

No. If you don’t see any result in 1-2 months time, then the ritual is a failure. It is the demon’s job to fulfill the request in exchange for the offering. No result, no offering. It is as simple as that.

If, after the time has passed, you want to know why it failed, you can always call the spirit up again and ask them. There can be many reasons why the demon is unable to fulfill your request and it is always helpful to know. If the demon tells you things are in progress, then you can decide if you want to wait some more or not.

Okay I will give it time.

I will probably re-evoke and talk to the particular demons that I want to work with in the long term.

I am making routes/paths of manifestation for all 3 demons to work through. I am doing my mundane side of the work.

I am not ready for full on physical manifestation evocation of these spirits though. I share my home with my family and I don’t want the house/family affected.
Plus im not quite ready to see them with my own eyes yet. I think it will be a shock.
Maybe in a couple months. I will keep to dreams for now. We will see.

I’ve tried and failed to astral project for years. Only ever had the occasional lucid dream. Until a Few months ago, I ordered this Demons of Magick book online. Got scared, changed my mind and Cancelled the order.

That same day i went to sleep. Halfway through the night, I woke up frozen. I think it was sleep paralysis? My body was electrified. Extremely heavy. My belly button felt like it was being pulled through the ceiling and was swirling around. I was curious yet terrified. Never experienced anything like it before. Really hard to describe how it all felt.

I took it as a sign to get the book. I ordered it soon as I broke out of what was possibly sleep paralysis.

And here we are lol
Thank you for your time and educating me.

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