Questions of the deadly manifest

well. lets just say over the past 2 years due to a group of particular thorns in my side I’ve been using a lot of my special brand of “energy/evocation curses”. fast forward to now,lets just say,a lot of those thorns are gone,sometimes in an almost hilariously creative fashion (I’ve got to hand it to my servitors),and the two left who harmed me badly are now homeless,and one is fixing to lose custody of there kid.

and even more interesting,the other two neutral parties to the conflict have all the sudden become my allies,viciously going after the two remaining guilty folks

and ontop of that this has all suddenly transpired close to my 32nd birthday (November 12th 5:05 a.m. btw).

why is my particular eclectic chaos method getting so many results?I’m honestly quite curious because I want to be able to repeat good results,but given there are some factors involved that I’m mostly a newb at,I suspect there is a reason its taken 2 years and its happening mostly all at once


Sometimes it’s about the energy surrounding you. Sometimes you’re energy just lines up better with you’re intents.


the only thing that changed within me lately is,after 2 years of putting up with this malarkey from these attitude changed from “lets carefully outpace them” to “open fire,all guns!”…eh,whats that saying in American English “the straw that broke the camel’s back”

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or,to put it in more internet freindly english. i went from gorilla-of-circumstance to leeroy jenkins


ehm,i meant to say “guerilla” but i essentially pronounce both words virtually the same so sometimes i accidentally transpose

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thanks for the American translation!

yep, when you get more serious that’s an energy shift for sure.