Questions about The Qliphoth - I would really appreciate a little guidance

I apologize in advance if there is already a post that will answer my questions – I’m having a hard time finding one.

I have recently begun reading about the Qliphothic spheres and felt that it called to me.

However, I have a few confusions and questions:

  1. What types of meditation is beneficial for preparing my mind for beginning the Qliphoth?
  2. Are there any free (but legal, as I’ve read the rules of BALG) whether on youtube or blogs that will give me a thorough breakdown of everything I need to know about the Qliphoth?
  3. I read a lot here about meditating on certain sigils for beginning an initiation – what exactly are these sigils? And what are the ritual steps before, during, and after you work through a sphere?
  4. What meditation-induced states of mind will be necessary for properly working the Qliphoth? Such as trance, astral projection, etc.?
  5. Should I be able to communicate with spirits/demons/etc on all levels? At the moment, I tend to reach partial possession frequently, I can differentiate their words from my own mind to speak with them, I have gotten better at seeing them through mental visions, and recently I have been able to communicate with them in my dreams. Should I be able to hear them audibly and see them while awake before I begin?
  6. Should my chakras be cleansed, or must they be open? Should my third eye be open first?

I’m sorry for all these questions. I don’t mean to be that person who seems to have not done any research, but I struggle with ADHD and it can be difficult to research online without skipping around topics and getting distracted.

I am unemployed at the moment, so buying any books is not possible unfortunately.

Thank you in advance. If anyone could point me in a good direction, or if anyone knows of a user who would be willing to help me out, I would appreciate that so much.


A great initiator in the Qliphoth is the daemon lord Azazel.
He will take his time for you, guide you in detail and will prepare you if you are willing to work disciplined and go for it.

The best preparation is Shadow Work, not the Jungian type of Shadow Work you’ll read about online but metaphysical shadow work where you will explore the depths of your psyche, subconciousness etc by in depth meditation, daemon work, sleep/dreaming techniques, sexual magick etc (although still basic methods for advanced insight)
Azazel is an amazing teacher for that and i guarantee you, the way he changed me is not to describe in words!
When the time is right you will know how, when and in which way your initiation shall begin in the Qliphoth. For each is it a very different expierience.

As for literature.
Daemon Barzai has a serie of books called ‘Tree Of Shadows’ on the first two spheres + tunnel,
Qliphoth, Kabalah, Goetian Magick by Thomas Karlssonn Nightside of Eden by Kenneth Grant, The Book of Sitra Achra by N-A.A 218 (MUST READ) Qliphoth Journal series (released on BALG) Mark Allen Smith’s works, A.E. Waite’s books on ceremonial black magic, are just some recommandations.
pdfs are online

About rituals etc, dont stare yourself blind on what others do.
When you prepare yourself with a Daemon guide you will come to the realisation that you need to follow your own path and ways.
The material out there are instruments and formulas that give blueprints and are good examples.
Like swimming, they will guide you with the first few movements but once you’re swimming yourself, you will find ways and methods most suitable to yourself.


Wow! I am absolutely blown away by your response. Due to my previously mentioned ADHD, I have a very difficult time reading if it is worded in a way that is chaotic (talking in circles, going to into detail, etc.)

You began from the beginning, writing in order, step-by-step, answering my questions perfectly and even peppered in some very insightful advice about the ritual aspect of it all.

The Qliphoth is very new to me, so I got so caught up in jotting down other magickian’s rituals step by step, and then had to spend time trying to read what I’ve written mid-ritual. You’ve reminded me that any kind of spiritual progression I have achieved was by taking the work of others to formulate my own personalized ritual.

You are the best!

One more question if that’s okay – Are there any guided meditations you would recommend from youtube? I am trying to branch out and learn new meditation techniques and types, but I have a difficult time reading written instruction.


Well great to hear that i gave you something useful my friend!

A great and easy guided meditation is the ‘Satanic meditation’ from VK Jehannum.
It is perfect for everybody doing nightside work.
Very easy, not much material needed and yet very powerful. i send a link from a vid (else it will be from his site. i know, written content aint your favorite but he breaks it down very easy)

There is another video i’ll link from a piece of ambient music.
Play that while going in trance and just vibrate the words ‘Satan’ of ‘Qliphoth’ with the focus to gain some insight in it.

By using a simple drumbeat on a shaman drum, sitting comfortable and focussing on a sphere you can gain some insight but i wouldnt recommand that with a drum.
Since with just a simple drumbeat on a shaman drum your conscioussness shifts more than with ‘normal’ meditation i realized.
You literally journey while doing that and can come across entities, certain energetic flows, currents etc and when starting out its maybe not the best to do.
Rhythm itself and especially on a shaman drum is a very very powerful device for spiritual and energetic matters

a black candle and just saying the name of the sphere or tunnel, or making your own 'prayer’or hymn where you ask to gain some insight in what the working with the Sphere in general will be for you, or what it can do for you can be enough.

i do recommend however asking guidance from a Daemon.
I hinted on Azazel cause he is my teacher and mentor in Qliphotic workings and Shadow Work and he’s just incredible! He is imo the best teacher you can have as a young black sorcerer.

But maybe you’ll feel drawn to anouther Qliphotic entity
That’s okay, do whatever YOU need to do.
Cause in the end that’s the key to succesful alchemical works.

Sorry for the amount of words.
wanted to keep it short because of your issue… guess i failed in that :joy:


Here she mentions VK’s technique.
She even puts a link to his website with the chant etc


The piece if music i talked about.
It is kind of the best for during a meditation on means of Satanic workings.
Especially in the first initiatory stages or just general introspective moments if you know what i mean.

Oh and the last thing, spend as much time that you can in darkness.

If you are not used to it, start of slow in the flow that you need like in a complete darkened room
When you can do that without any fear, start meditating in it, start silencing your internal dialogue and dissolve in the darkness.
Learn what the darkness is.

When you feel ready, go out, to forests at night, graveyards, abandoned places, spend minuted, hours, nights, whatever and how long YOU feel the need to.
implement darkness into your life, parameter it.
Go to places and moments where there is danger, that invoke fear, that make you feel the rawest forms of darkness we as beings can imagine.

All step by step, your rhythm…

After a while, you will be blown away how you will change,
and will be changed, how you will be transformed.
The alchemical transformation by just studying darkness, analysing it are the very basics in Shadow Work, which is at his turn, the very basics (simplified offcourse) of working with the Qliphoth.

Analyzing darkness is like a mirror. It means an in depth study of your own darkess, your shadow.
This is the gnosis i obtained by working with Azazel in just the first few months.


Here is not mentioned that the sphere Da’ath (analogue to the Vishudda Chakra) is the entrance to the qliphothic sphere. I am still not able to travel astrally but has anybody ever used this ‘‘door’’?
Kenneth Grant wrote about it.

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Not yet since Da’ath will come in a later stage for me.
Grant offers many ‘secret doots/keys’ in his books.
Like one by focussing on the nose during meditation.
The treasures he left us are priceless

Nice! For what is it on the nose?

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What the theory exactly was i forgot but it works.
It had to do with Kundalini if im correct.
When i did it i had an amazing shift in consciousess and obtained some gnosis which is universal but reveals itself the more you progress.
i think it was from Beyond The Mauve Zone or Outer Gateways.


Yesterday I found Grant’s Typhonian Trilogy in English.

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A must read for everybody involved in sorcery!

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It’s funny that you brought up Azazel to me – Azazel was the first Daemon that stood out to me when I transitioned from Athestic Satanism to Theistic Satanism a while ago. I never knew how to invoke or evoke at that time because I was lazy with meditation and study as a teen.

Mentioning him again reminded me that a few days ago (I believe it was a week ago) when I was studying the Qliphoth, Azazel popped into my mind out of nowhere. A day or two later, I had the urge to draw his sigil on my body every day to feel closer to him. That is definitely a sign that he wants to reach out to me and open a line of communication. Thank you for sparking my memory!

Do you have any advice for communicating with Azazel? I have had so much respect and love for him since I first heard of him, and I have avoided contacting him for a very long time. I wanted to wait until I felt I was worthy enough (in terms of proving that I am dedicated to expanding my mind and bettering myself) and because I would constantly become distracted from this path, I didn’t want to make the plunge.

I have been drawing his sigil on my body with permanent marker (almost as if to symbolize that my will to improve and my respect for him is permanent) to develop an unspoken connection with him before making contact.

Are any crucial things I should know when I contact him to make sure I do not accidentally disrespect him or waste his time? I ask this because when I first tried to invoke King Paimon, I didn’t know that it offends him when you drop “King” from his name, so I had to spend a month trying to make up for it until he came around and forgave me.

I can be really bad at understanding what or how to say what I am thinking. Would writing it down suffice?

I use a drum when I’m on the verge of ecstatic gnosis. That kind of mindset is kind of rare for me to achieve - I usually fall into inhibitory gnosis. I never thought of implementing a drum from the beginning so I’ll definitely try that as well as your other suggestions.

Your replies are just blowing my mind right now because they keep striking a chord with my goals and ideas I’ve gotten through meditation and lucid dreaming. I have actually been easing myself into becoming comfortable in the dark.

Normally I will have a small, typical amount of fear, but about two weeks ago I was studying in the garage when out of nowhere, the idea of being alone and in the dark absolutely froze me with terror. It was so fucking strange. I ran into my room, turned all the lights on, and sat knees-to-chest in my bed. Nothing even happened – I just had this terror suddenly overwhelm me.

Three days later, I decided that the BS was enough, and I forced myself out into the dark for as long as I could take it. The irrational, random fear is gone, so now I’ve been spending longer periods of time in the dark. I never put much thought into studying and analysing the darkness itself because I was too focused on trying to stop being nervous, so I will try to shift my fear into that mindset. I didn’t know it was Shadow Work, nor did I know it would help transform my consciousness in that way. Thank you for even MORE insight.

I have been working on kundalini void meditation – I should start doing it sitting in the grass outside at night.

Thank you so so so so so much. You are amazing. You helped me WAY more than I expected. I appreciate your help immensely.


Last night I was unable to sleep, so I decided I would spend a few days putting myself through sleep deprivation, fasting, and a long time spent outside in the dark so that I can go deeper into meditation than I have in the past.

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No coincidence that he came right after your switch from atheistic satanism to theistic.
One of the very first things Azazel pushed me towards was to take Lavey’s work back under the loop cause eventhough it is seen as ‘atheistic satanism’ it still had and has its effect, especially when raised christian like me.
The very basics of satanism (yes, even some energetic formula) are present in the works of Anton Lavey for those that start out on the path.

Advice that i can give you is that when you are real inside, disciplined and focused on reaching for your fullest potential, no matter what, he will respect you.
Offers are accepted but only when they come from the heart.
He’ll speaks (or at least in my case especially in the beginning) via the heart chakra. When he’s present it feels like it is burning.
Heavy vibrations around you, the energy centers on the side of your head etc.
I draw his sigil red paint on black paper.
When offering blood, only from my left arm and hand as respect and loyality towards his Infernal royality.
An other offer he likes is acts of blasphemy.
Not necessarly extreme.
Inviting him in a church for example (opening the door for the infernal powers so to speak) is a good way.
Summoning him in a church by drawing his sigil on a prayercard you find there or some booklet or whatever is suitable, smearing some drops of blood on it while chanting some enns and inviting him to talk to you is another example.

He’ll let you know if you disrespect him.
Just make sure you DON’T run from him.
Thanks to a friend of mine it costed me 150 bucks xD

You describe things perfectly, no worries.
I am very happy i give suitable info to you.

Good luck!

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There’s no better way to spend Sunday than sitting next to Azazel during morning mass. I can seriously get down with that.

I’ve somehow managed to avoid reading about or looking at any depictions of Azazel’s appearance when he shows himself to people, and I’m so glad. I find it much more difficult to concentrate on the thoughts, sensations, and feelings of whoever I am trying to summon if I have a mental image of what they look like because I’m a super visual person who will project personality based on aesthetics. It’s better to connect with and get to know them in the way that they choose to present themselves to me, if that makes any sense.

Anyway, you are the best. You have answered literally all the questions that have been bouncing around my brain.

Thank you so much for taking the time to help me.

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Glad that i helped :slight_smile:

Good luck!

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