Questions about summoning circle, am I doing it right?

Does the circle HAVE to be an exact 9 foot diameter or can it be fudged a little, the snake only wrapped around once and in English
And the Adonai star smaller than the magician box.
For Solomon’s circle does it matter? Does it need to be perfect? Colors and all? Or black and white good enough . And does anyone have any experiences with other summoning circles working great for them?
Orobas didn’t seem to take to me… So I’m trying The Great Astarte, beloved Isis to the Egyptians.

While 9 feet is traditional, few people have that much space to spare, unless they have a dedicated temple, so smaller is fine.

It can never be perfect. It only has to be good enough.

Black and white is fine.

I use EA’s Universal Circle. It works great for the summoning of any entity.

Oh? Can I get a link?

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Oops NVM I found it. Yea I’m pretty sure this is the one they use in the lodge of astarte, Poke Runyon… Who rediscovered king Solomon’s exact set up.

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The Universal Circle is based on the Circle of Pacts from the Book of Azazel. It doesn’t have anything to do with the Solomon magick of Poke Runyon.

I know they are two different circle’s, the solomonic circle and the universal circle aren’t the same.
I’m just saying I’m pretty sure they have this circle in they’re OTA California lodge … Or at least one with the same phonecian styled lettering. Unless I’m wrong about the langage aswell and they look remarkably similar.