Questions about Succubus summoning ritual

I’d like to start by saying I am a super newbie at this stuff, so my questions could sound stupid or meaningless to someone expert about those topics, so if that is the case, I am sorry!

Many years ago and, after remembering about it, in these past few days, I have read rituals about summoning a succubus and people’s experiences with that.
They were quite interesting reads but they seemed to start and stop with what you would expect to happen with the ritual (feelings, sounds, maybe even see or perceive her), nothing beyond that, so I had some questions regarding this topic:

  1. Is there any reason why people stop there? Would it not be possible to “link” other forms of magic, like OOBE or lucid dreaming to further improve the experience?

If a person were to learn (either before or after summoning a succubus) to lucid dream or get OOBE, would they be able to interact with their succubus in a deeper level or the astral projection’s plane is different than the one that the succubus resides in, so a contact in that level wouldn’t be possible?

  1. I have read about people experiencing Lilith’s wrath or in general, succubus being able to apply at least some form of physical impact, even if weak.
    So I was wondering, if they have the power to touch you (even lightly), would they also be able to press a keyboard key? Or move the planchette of an ouija board?

  2. How are succubus generated, exactly? Some call them servants of Lilith whereas most call them Lilith’s daughters, which one is it? And how does she create them?

  3. I have read of some unsuccessful rituals as well… As in no succubus showing up at all, ever.
    After reading some of the things that succupedia said while exploring those topics in this forum, I wondered: Are the succubus you summon through those rituals actually not summoned at all?
    Maybe Lilith “already knows” and the letter method is a mere way to say you are ready for it? Meaning that the succubus good for you is already pre-destinated but not for everyone hence why the ritual fails for some people? Or is there a succubus for everyone but Lilith perceives you are not truly ready for it?

  4. Final question (for now? :stuck_out_tongue:) How powerful are succubus, exactly?
    Are they born powerful or they need to bond with someone to grow in their power? And if they grow through bonding with someone, what is their potential exactly?

A thing in common in those rituals is that the person in question only perceives light touches at first, until they can finally hear her or in some cases even see her… Is that the succubus growing in power and being able to manifest herself with more ease or the person growing spiritually and be able to see/hear things he would normally ignore?

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Think you might need to hit the search button and look for posts by @succupedia, that’s the person you want to talk to

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I agree

The interesting thing about the algorithms on this site is they put suggestions on the bottom of the page (well on mobile phones anyway).

When I started I had similar questions. I can’t say I kept up on focussing on a succubus as my detection and perception is terrible. The children of Lilith can take any form. Maybe I’m wrong as different legends read differently. In males both (succubus, incubus) can stimulate your prostrate and other places quite easily. In females I surmise both can please them just as easy. It becomes the question if a succubus is an incubus and vis versa. I just say children of Lilith. Honesty, when it comes to this department I want to be the one filled here. We’re not just talking sexual fluids but ideas, vibrations, the raw spiritual energies they are. Being immerse in the elements, the cthonic shadows, I’d say blood but I can’t gauge spiritual lifefoce. When being ridden I’d think any spirit wants to feel the pleasures we generate and experience. And at times they will experience the not so pleasant aspects of our lives but it’s still probably fascinating to them.

We are so tied/tethered to our physical shell vehicles.
Any spirit that can ride us or in or through us probably enjoys that connection. How much x,y,z does it take to form such a spiritual union with an individual. If it takes a lot then that’s not something they take lightly or would want to dissipate. I Ali don’t see where the spirit would wantonly cause us Illness if they are riding us. Even parasites don’t want their host dead as then they lose their meal (not saying the children are parasites but you will get that POV from others).

My hats off to anyone who communicates freely back and forth and has experiences of such connections.

I think the hardest part of any such experimentation/experience is the nagging piece of self consciousness believing it might be delusional thinking. For me, that’s a hard one and happens a lot when irl events that suck happen. When in a ritual or heavy spirit meditation thoughts run wild followed by passion. I can hope with spirits they get pleasure when I do.

If you want your own succubus, just sleep with a prostitute.” — Frank White

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Or marry one. My bro married an oriental one. She goes on vacations and he works. :/:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Can’t say that’s a great call.


Oh no! :joy:

The quote is literally saying to sleep with a whore to summon an actual succubus, not that the whore is the succubus—although I like how you think.