Questions about St Expedite

I want to ask the following questions:

-Regarding money, Is St Expedite effective only for punctual, concrete, single needs of money or also for changing a precarious and uncertain life regarding money to a more stable situation?
-When you give St. Expedite his offering -a piece of cake pound and flowers(by the way, are his offerings cake pound and flowers, or, also, water? are 3 gifts?)- what should you do with the gifts after some time?
-Is recommendable to ask St Expedite for any signal regarding if he wants to work with you? if so, what kind of signals? Thanks

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Well St. Expedite brings only speed to most endeavors. Most saints require some kind of regular devotion if you want their influence to continually manifest. This doesn’t mean you need to do daily prayers and offerings, but setting up an altar for him would be a good start. You could get a statue or image of him plus a non-perishable, corresponding item that he likes.

As far as the offerings go you can give one item or many items; and they should always be given after you have witnessed results. With that being said, it is a good rule of thumb to give a glass of water while petitioning and waiting for spell results.

After he does his work then you would want to give him a nice slice of pound cake (cut from the middle :blush:). If you want to, and can afford it, can you also include some flowers as well.

But jsyk, if you are in dire needs the saints understand this. A glass of water will suffice if that is all you can afford.

After a few days, but before the cake molds and the flowers die, put the cake outside for the animals. You can just leave the flowers in nature if you like.

As far as asking him for a signal I would say, why not? Saint Expedite works pretty quick so usually the end result manifesting IS the signal.


I have worked with Saint Expedite a couple months ago, there is no need to ask him if he wants to work with you, and I think that’s the case with most saints.
In my experience (though it wasn’t about money) with him it’s better to be more specific with the task, not just generally “improve my financial situation”.
I had a specific opportunity regarding being able to rent a cheap but great flat before anyone else got to it, so I asked him and Saint Jude to work in conjunction on this specific issue. I did this the day before I managed to get it.
About the offerings, yes I wouldn’t miss flowers, add pound cake and you’re good. I don’t think he would turn away if you simply add a glass of water as a third. :wink:
Also, I have taken to using Lady Eva’s method and it works wonders for me as I prefer not to use many tools, for you it’s specifically this part but I recommend you do read the rest of it:

Another thing, a great source of information on a lot of Saints and various pseudo-saints is Judika Illes’ book Encyclopedia of Mystics, Saints & Sages, tons of info and legends on a lot of spirits!


Thanks for your interesting and kind answers. MC_Ride, I don´t understand exactly this:
“I do the counter-clockwise motion to remove any traces of the spirit’s energy, before disposing of it.” How is that movement made? it is an essential element, and has always to be performed?

On the other hand, if not for changing an unstable economical situation, Does St Expedite provides frequent money incomes while that situation persists?

Can St Expedite provide certain stable job you need it?


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That movement as written in Lady Eva’s full post, is sort of like swirling your two fingers around, as if collecting strands of cotton candy onto a stick as it’s made.
It’s really easier to read the whole post for a better how-and-why understanding though.

And I wouldn’t say it’s always essential, but I assume many others along with me like to sever any connection between the spirit and an offering I’m just about to dispose.
As a way of “closing” that connection I make it mundane again so that it can be thrown away without any kind of doubt as to how do you dispose of an offering - it is no longer an offering!
Saint Expedite can aid with many tasks, and his key quality is being quick about completing that task. Frequent money income I have no idea about honestly, I personally feel like for that you might be better off looking for a spirit specializing in financial matters.
But as I said, my situation was about a flat - don’t see a reason why not to involve him in job hunting for example, or about getting you a specific job you have your eye on.

And from personal experience - along with him I also involved Saint Jude, who is the patron saint of lost causes and desperate situations. If you are out of a job with no steady flow of income, I see no reason not to involve both of them for maximum efficiency.

Hello,thanks for your post. More questions about St.Expedite:

-candles should be continuously lighted for 7 days, or only during a day? and very important: if you have no private spaces for altar, could be candles lighted only each day during each session of praying, lets say 10, 15min each day?

-Should candles be only red, or also white?

-Could St Expedite be called for purposes like break up couples, or is it a job not suited for him?

-about the fingers movement. I have read Lady Eva´s very interesting post and is now much more clear for me. However, Could also be a similar effective technique for disposing of an offering instead the finger movement, if you at first when give St Expedite the gifts, tell him and state that you will dispose the offering for example at the third day?

-How often can you ask St Expedite for help about different matters?

thank you very much!

Any answers, please? :grinning: