Questions about Soul travel aka Etheric Projection

Hey All,

I have some questions about Soul travel also know as Etheric projection.

  1. I heard when doing rituals energy collects in the ritual room. So a person should cleanse or banish the room often to remove negative energy. I wonder if I project etherically would that also count as a ritual. Meaning does an etherical projection causes the room to be flooded with (negative) energy?

  2. Do you guys banish before you etherically project?

  3. In case I want to receive knowledge and information from a specific spirit. Can etheric projection be used for that? Because with an evocation a person can make notes at the spot while the evocation is still in progress. How does that work with etheric projections.
    For example, can I etherically project ask a spirit a question. Then go straight back to my body. Write down the answer and project back? Or will that take too much energy or could that be seen as rude by a spirit? Or could I use a voice recorder and speak at loud the questions and answers while still projecting?

  4. I heard with an evocation there is the usual risk that negative/hostile spirits, astral parasites, or imposters could manifest. If I use a sigil of a demon as a gateway and project through it to that specific demon is there than less chance to encounter negative/hostile spirits, astral parasites, or imposters?

  5. Can an invocation of a spirit be done while simultaneously projecting etherically?

I’m going to say this before velenos gets the chance to heheheee

the etheric projection and astral projection are not the same thing. In short, the astral is sort of a mindscape where thoughtforms roam about. It’s a lot of other things too, but that’s mainly what it is.

The etheric is basically just an energetic plan for spiritual entities to exist or whatever. This is where most of them hang out, to my knowledge. I’m sure there are some other intricacies I don’t understand


Certain types of energy buildup depending on what the room contains. Personally I would banish all of the energies in the room or cleanse them depending on how they felt. But for the most part, the rooms in my house where I would have to project aren’t so dirty that I have to full on banish the rooms. It’s all personal experience though

Actually, you totally can etherically project to a spirit. And they can tell you things. it has the same communication problems, to my knowledge, as evocation period but you should be fine. Just try to keep your mind clear and focus on what they’re saying

as for the fourth one, I don’t know how to answer this professionally. but the fifth one, yes

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  1. Projection isn’t necessarily a ritual because it doesn’t really meet the requirements of a ritual, but it is also not a bad idea to cleanse your space prior to projection, but no projecting doesn’t cause your space to be filled with negative energy.

  2. I don’t, I never needed to because most times I partial project and nothing really is attracted here from doing a projection.

  3. yes in etheric projection you can either evoke the entity to your projection location or go to their home and meet them, however you’d for the most part have to be taken to their home. In the end once you receive your answers you can yes. A voice recorder wont matter because you’re in etheric projection not physical they aren’t going to be in your physical body’s space.

  4. Astral parasites can’t enter the etheric, astral parasites can only exist in the astral or in the personal mental space. However, there are entities in the etheric that wouldn’t mind trying to dupe you but most entities in the etheric are hostile if you are in their territory or others will simply ask you to leave, or if you’re hostile first. Also when it comes to certain sigils they may work but it won’t simply allow you to invade their space, it would still ultimately be up to the demon for example to let you in, if it’s a goetia especially since the goetia reside in the infernal nation and being able to get in simply by following their sigil may be a security risk so to speak for them.

  5. Yes.


Yes, their realms within the etheric are closed off. You either ask a spirit to come pick you up or they need to send somebody to take you there. Once you have been there (at their specific location) then you have a focal point. When you have a focal point, you can go there when you want.
But what about if I never been to Belial can I project into his sigil to go to his realm?

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In terms of the infernal empire it’s not exactly closed off but it’s for your own safety that you don’t go forcing yourself into a nation you aren’t a citizen of lol, mostly Gods have their own realms that are closed off, The judeo pantheon isn’t closed off but is highly protected, from my last experience with the judeo angels their place is almost an impenetrable fortress of marble blues and whites it’s beautiful honestly.

they’ll either send someone or you travel there by foot more likely the former since you’d need to know where to even do the latter and your directions which is hard first time around.

However yes once you’ve been to a place that isn’t closed off you have a focal point there, certain places like Djinnestan doesn’t allow focal points if you’re allowed by the djinn a one time visit the next time you try your projection will be redirected elsewhere, various places have various defenses.

If Belial allows you to you can project to his province within the Infernal yes.


What I meant was can I turn on a voice recorder. Then project to a spirit. Ask questions. Then most likely the spirit will answer. Can I then repeat the question as well as the answer out loud with my physical mouth, so that my speech is recorded? While still being in that realm. So for example, the voice recorder laying beside me on the table, bed, or couch and I am there in the etheric in front of a spirit.

I guess it is possible when doing a partial projection. Because you are still in the body. I would assume you (Velenos) are advanced and can have full projections.
So in your case, how do you “select” partial or full projection? With intent or will? Or being in a deeper trance? How does that work?