Questions About Pacts

I recently asked for Lucifer’s help in a very long-term endeavor. He agreed but asked for a pact, which I confirmed by divination.

This will be my first pact, so I have questions.

Firstly, I’ve noticed that even though the pact hasn’t yet been formalized, Lucifer has still been starting to fulfill his end of the bargain, quite well I might add. I didn’t expect to see any results until the pact was finalized, but I started seeing results almost immediately.

Is this normal? I wasn’t expecting it at all.

My other question is, what is the usual timeframe for a pact? Are there ever lifetime pacts?

I know E.A. has made 90-day pacts. The thing I want though is more of a long-term working. It felt like Lucifer wanted a lifetime pact, and when I drew a Tarot card to confirm, I got the Death card of all things.

I know obviously such a pact would take quite a bit of consideration before entering into, but is this something people do?

I’ve loved working with Lucifer and would be more than willing to enter into a pact with him for whatever length of time.

I’m still learning to trust my senses which is why I ask here.

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Yes, this is quite normal. He sometimes doesn’t need a pact if you have a genuine goal/question.

Lucifer is still an Archangel and yes you can make a pact with him, give him an offering. But al beside that he could help even without a pact or an offering. Don’t forget to thank him for this :slight_smile:

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Well a pact is an agreement on both ends. If you think you can uphold your side of the deal then there is no problem at all about the length. By the way length is something you can agree on with the spirit. For example: ‘In a year I want to reach this goal. Do you agree?’

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He accepts only the lifetime pact,I asked him once.


That would make sense. He seems to only want serious seekers. But hes so wonderful to work with.


Yeap, it makes sense with him. I have a pact, but there is no end time……
And it adds to workings we already do. And it resonates with him saying you don’t need a pact for that request… (he said that one time).

With other spirits you can state a time frame

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Just to clarify, he didn’t say he didn’t want a pact…he definitely does. he just for some reason got started on my request before the pact has been finalized.

I plan on finalizing the pact within the next week.

My only thought is that I’m still new to this so he wanted to show me he would definitely hold up his end of things, and so was willing to get started a bit early.

I’ve always wondered how many pacts one can have with a single spirit. Think short and long term goals. I have a long term pact but it really only takes affect when I’m dead and I can’t collect until I’m dead. You’d think that’d be a pretty dangerous pact but that vision he seemed very pleased with it.

My visions of the other world mirror our own in so many ways. I think I was visiting a casino last night and it may have been Asmodeus’. Odd dream and I won’t go into it.

I’m thinking of pact making with Buer & Crew. It certainly makes me want to make a more rigid pact with the 9 gatekeepers but when my end goal is simply opening the gates and awareness I’m unsure what they’d want in return. There are times I don’t see what a newb spirit could possibly offer.

My biggest wants (though I end up saying need in my chants) is having my mind, body, and spirit filled and drenched in the current of the cthonic kingdom. Think of it like soaking up the sun on a nice day and sucking in that warmth (which I do often… when it’s sunny).

I obviously want to create in the cthonic realms. Something of a paradise like empty country crossing roads and empty houses even endlessly.

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