Questions about offerings

Hi, i’m completely new to magick and i’m interested to make a first time contact with Duke Sallos or Archangel Chamuel. From what i find on the search function is demon likes sweet things, and wine yet angel either wants holy water or nothing at all. So i want to ask someone that have talked to Duke Sallos or Archangel Chamuel about what they likes, what they dislikes, what makes them happy and what makes them angry since i dont want an angry entity for my first calling that thinks i’m disrespectful to them. My plans is to have a few meeting session before asking for their help to build a little bridge of trust between us. Thanks for the helps!

Feed the birds huh thats quite random but i guess the duke loves peace, is there anything that he doesnt like or any food or drink that he likes? Also how long have you been working with him if its okay to ask? Also are there any tips on first calling the duke? Like candle color that he likes or what incense does he prefer? Sorry for the barrage of question hahaha i’m really interested in him

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Just double checked my notes… sorry early morning i was thinking of Stolas… :expressionless: that will teach me to just jump in wont it!

Yeah i want to try contacting him but i don’t think i can hear him yet, when you contacted stolas how do you communicate? I’ve heard they speak to you telephatically is that true?

Your best bet is to have a search thru the forum and experiment with what works for you :slight_smile:

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Something i like to do when working with someone new is to buy an assortment of crystals amd make their sigil out of the crystals. I ask them to bless one crystal so i can keep their energy with me. In my experience they will move a crystal off the sigil over night for you to take so keep checking back to see if any crystals move. If they do, take the one offset from the sigil and place a new one. The offset crystal is a gift to you. You can also ask them to bless the centermost crystal if you dont wanna welcome them into your home to move it.

This is especially effective for beginners as it allows the god/angel to always have a connection to you through your crystal

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Interesting, do i draw the sigil in every crystal or i make the sigil by arranging the crystals? And does this only work on angels and gods or also on “demons”?

Make it by arranging the crystals over a charged sigil drawn on paper.

I use a charged pointed quartz to direct the energy in thr shape of the sigil. This is just like playing connect the dots between the crystals to form the sigil.

Aah so just arranging, i’ll try that sometime when i get enough crystals. Thanks for the tips!