Questions about offering ritual to Lilith and my personal stories with Lilith

So I want to thank Lilith and just generally deepen our relationship and I’ve bought a bottle of red wine that suspiciously looks like a design specifically marketed towards black magicians making offerings, Palo Santo incense, and 1 round and big Palo Santo candle. I can also go out and buy red candles or whatever that is needed today or tomorrow. I live in Berlin and would like to know the appropriate day/time to do this, but my preference would be to do this today or tomorrow – however if there’s like some relevant event of astrological origin or otherwise in coming days or weeks then I’m totally happy with delaying the event. Thing is, in the past my offering(s) to Lilith were quite hectic, unplanned, and quite extreme and painful to execute given the physical/situational variables involved, so I’m not really sure how to search for this or whom to trust online.

It’s a funny story, imagine living in a heavily-secured district of an authoritarian police state, buying bottles of suspicious-looking wine bottles and kitchen equipment that look like proper garden equipment from a semi-big supermarket of the district as someone who doesn’t even fully look over 18, then proceeding to dig them into a public olive garden known to be home to feral dogs and foxes and other nasties of societal kind in probably %5-10 of the sun’s rays in midday still visible in a drenching rain with improper equipment (it went perfectly against all odds, that’s a given constant in my experience with Lilith, you ALWAYS get away with stuff that are not harmful but rather suspicious or dangerous and where odds are stacked against you). Oh, there were also a post-it note on it with Lilith’s sigil and some textual sigil work inscribed with nice black ink pen.

Since then I’ve had a lot of encounters and felt presence of Lilith and the associated in my life. I feel like she has accepted me as one of her children and therefore also has shown in multiple scenarios to really protect me from multiple psychic and physical attacks at once in most elegant ways possible. But it wasn’t all roses and fun, there were multiple very dark instances and circumstances that I had to go through where Lilith was one of the influencing factors — it wasn’t like she was trying to hurt me, and more than a test it felt more like I was a total idiot in a destructive path and she was trying really hard and going to long lengths of impossible kinds to help me and at the same time trying not to restrict my freedom of choice and not mess with my emotional state directly because it probably was the best way for my eventual well-being.

Overall, I’ve worked with multiple spirits and demons, and every one of them is special and valuable in their own ways, but if I had to choose 3 words to describe Lilith (or at least my relationship with her, and besides the obvious general sexiness) I’d pick: elegant, intelligent, and powerful. Lilith is one of the main spirits in my life, if not THE main spirit I think about on daily basis, at least for now (it was few others in the past). But overall, getting closer to Lilith felt like really big spectrum of spirits started accepting, respecting, and helping me, and overall being in contact with me or interacting with me in positive ways.

If you want to get a quickie from someone or increase lust or sex appeal or some bullshit like that and go to Lilith, especially as a man (just rumours?), then it’s possible that she might ignore you or get angry at you. But if you feel like you ever were singled out for no reason for too long and then you kept pure in some ways and worked hard at times to reach your goals and sometimes helped others along the way then she just might accept you as well.

Besides, I’d say Lilith represents “Thieves Guild” for me, not in a way of actually stealing things, but there always being some helpful random occurrence or person in your way or some sudden or powerful moments of change or opportunity, or deception, or insight, or specific tradecraft or high-tech solution that truly makes you feel like you are living out your cyberpunk dreams of days of yore. It feel like you are always underground and hidden, and in many ways powerful and actively engaging with the physical and spiritual world through multiple lenses by just lying down on your bed playing with your phone and daydreaming, or just going about your day and buying groceries or commuting. It feels like you carry political significance by just walking around and living your average Joe/Jane life every day, year in year out. And that there are always some random clans or persons or interests protecting you in otherwise dangerous-sounding situations where you naturally might have many enemies and low chances of otherwise comfortable existence.

I hope my physical ritual goes well and I don’t mess anything up (even though she’d probably just find it funny) and that our relationship grows and deepens. Besides just asking for advice in the top of the text, I hope she also accepts this testimony that follows as a small effort on my part to make up for the huge amount of effort and thought she seemed to have put into our relationship since the beginning.

If you think about working with Lilith and you think you match some of the descriptions I outlined above then I’d say go for it and be brave and respectful with your approach and especially the reason but be prepared to deal with some spiritual and physical challenges that put your skills to test (but might have been just me). Experiences and visions I have experienced and seen in direct/indirect relation to Lilith are some of the most beautiful and cherished memories of mine and her effects, presence, and care are not hard to trace back to even my earliest memories in some deep daydreaming session.

But if you fail to live up to her standards, even though I haven’t experienced this directly or even heard of it happening to anyone besides in web Occult forums, knowing her power, authority, intelligence, and reach, I’d probably err on the side of caution and not make any formal approaches to her. Take this as a disclaimer.


I did work whit Lilith before,as a man.i got quick results.i often see warning of man becareful.not idea who star tat but another author very popular work whit her a guy.i did take classes from a witch.her personal gnosis etc.and mostly was for pleasure shes coo

I don’t know if anyone will ever read this but for what it’s worth I tried few specific AI art generator prompts and it somehow generated exact same scenery with somehow 99% matching details to exact (within same small area) location the ritual described in the OP took place, with exact same mood and right expressions on Lilith’s presence. It generated few other very coincidentally accurate personal images associated with spirits I’d rather not share but here is that one:


Sorry if this is turning into a personal Lilith diary but one thing I realized about her is why she is often associated with childbirth death and such. My mother very seriously told me few times how I was dropped on head by nurse by accident some time after I was born, I feel like Lilith has been with me since then. The reason people associate such deaths with her? Because when that usually happens she comes around to alleviate the situation somehow and when not much can be done people who felt her presence just assume she was the cause of the death and she is just too powerful to care what random bystander happens to think about her so myth spreads.


Just was watching a long YouTube video about history of Lilith and realized that besides just being mentioned as being one of the oldest surviving major entities if not the oldest in the recorded history still in common verbiage, it made me wonder, how long have Lilith been with humanity before recorded history? Just picture this, some ancient person in a tight situation imagining a dark emphatetic, powerful, understanding, and mysterious female figure that can rescue them or help them in some way, it’s a common dream one would imagine, leading to probably a long long history of human contact with Lilith.

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I mulled a bit over if I should have shared this one because it was kinda personal but quickly consulted spirits and decided to post it anyway. The scenery, mood matching %99 story is all the same but the shown entity might or might not always be Lilith because I was working with likes of Lucifer, Belial, and probably many others at the same time so it might mean any for you whatever that means, besides also want to note that the shown expressions and locations are multi-dimensional, multi-meaning, and generally very layered in complexity in both cases in relation to my past experiences.

I came across this band that I actually listened to few earlier times as well and found really cool but never understood the deeper meaning of. After few recent events I listened to few of their top songs again (not all of them) and found that every single sentence is somehow 100 percent accurate to my recent-ish life events in extreme details, even to the ritual(s) described in this thread. Probably what one would expect giving blood offering to King Paimon maybe? Somehow every word makes sense in multiple languages at times, enauncianted very perfectly and relevantly. Anyway, I could yak about it a lot but here are the videos: