Questions about making my first circle

Has anyone had much success crafting circles? I buy heavily into the idea of going out and making your own ritual implements and I am working on a re-creation of E.A.'s universal circle I have good materials and I do a fair amount of crafting in my day job so I am confident in the final product. However, my concern is I can’t find a good schema of the lettering, I do not want to copy something unless I can do it right or I can get it to feel right.

With that being said should I do some work in the astral and find my own lettering with the help of some entities I have been working with? Maybe work from a simple blank circle?

I generally evoke with a candle and a sigil but I want to explore some more methods and building something like a circle and making it my own seems like the next valid step for my progression.

I’m not an expert but I’d do that if I was you - if the UC etc doesn’t make sense to you, then no matter what, follow your own intuition.

Later, ask your spirits if you can improve ascent/power by using them - but a blank circle is the default of most people, and the UC on here (which I’m told by my spirits is really cool - it suspends the “clockwork mechanism” of probablistic outcomes under divine law, and also bans other spirits) is a refinement.