Questions about Lilith

I’ve read a lot about Lilith, and i think i made a mistake. A few actually.

So i found a site that says “No matter which invocation or summoning ritual you choose, the first step to successfully call Lilith is meditation. Some suggest meditating with her sigil to build a bond between yourself and the dark goddess.”

Why is that? I can take a guess and say, when you mediate, when you’re in a state of complete relaxation. Energy builds up and i suppose drinking and eating helps with that as well. I’m not sure, sounds silly and i know that explanation isn’t clear at all lol, It does explain a lot to me of why i was successful the first time because the first time someone said hello to me but then i got shy Haha and the most recent one was, someone moving something around which i didn’t see.

But i still don’t understand why Meditation makes me more successful, i honestly thought giving blood and your Letter of intent would do just enough.

My second question is, does it really matter what kind/colour of the paper you use? From what i read some suggest using a piece of black paper and a pencil. I used white paper as well as a pencil, i don’t see how using a piece of black or white paper makes any difference. I’ve also learnt that some people use blood to write Letter of intent or no letters at all. So are letters written just in case you forget to “think” them or speak your intentions?

I mentioned mistakes and i almost forgot about them, I’ve been meaning to call for a succubus not as a lover but as a friend, I’ll be honest. I live a lonely life. I was told by someone, you must ask Lilith for permission, to ask her to send forth one of her daughters/sons and not the way i was requesting. One of my most recent failures/successes was when i asked if someone could move something which I’m sure did but didn’t see it.

I can’t deny it anymore, but may be I’m experiencing a burnout. I’m disappointed in myself but considering someone answered…Perhaps whoever answered my call is being patient with me until i complete the ritual correctly, I have no clue. When i did these rituals i was always doubtful and most of the time negative about the results.

I’ll give you a run down how i did it recently.

I think it was around 9:00 in the evening, I prepared the sigil just the day before, lit some incense and laid down my offerings, which was grapes, strawberries and red wine and then I decided to activate the sigil once i did that and couldn’t feel or even hear anything i just sat there, it was like i was stood up at a dinner date lmao

I feel like something is a miss, i think i should have bonded with the sigil by mediating because that’s what i did the first time, and said a incantation also the letter of intent but I’m not sure what incantation i should say.

I think i’m going to try again but not all too sure if i should because i read that i should mediate with the sigil for at least 28 days, and I can’t remember how many days but I’ve been mediating with this new sigil i have made for 11 days. I plan to do another invocation on the 30 of November. I’m hoping there’s not a cloud in sight because a new moon should be on that day.

I thought of offerings and I’ll list them, i bought toffee dark chocolate as well as red wine - Casillero Del Diablo. Which sounds pretty fitting to me. I have yet to buy an apple.

I’m not sure if there’s something else missing, it feels messy to be honest, so if you could suggest something. I’d appreciate it.

When you meditate you are relaxing the brain. Causing it to work on different wavelengths. What you are doing in meditation is putting yourself into an alpha, beta, gama or theta state trance depending on your level of skill. This trance is what help push visuals and intentions to a deeper level.

As for the color of paper, it’s not going to matter.

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Oh thank you, I’ve come across a few good meditation videos now since I’ve read your comment.

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