Questions about Jesus

**Let’s get one thing straight first of all I respect everyone for there beliefs and I’ll accept all opinions and answers no matter who works with or believes or believes in Jesus or not

1: I always thought he wasn’t even real to begin with and millions of christains just turned him into a powerful thoughtform, is this true perhaps?

2: if he was was he really as special as they supposedly made him out to be when he was alive? Doesn’t make sense how people would know that considering he lived so long ago how would people know?

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Check the YT channel called Black Lotus Temple. He has multiple videos about this subject. Very interesting. And yes, I’ve checked, he doesn’t have any commercial links. Nor does he have PPal donation link. He has a link to his book but it’s broken.

Whether or not Jesus of Nazareth was a real person is up for debate.

In my opinion it doesn’t really matter. The Bible is an esoteric text and an allegorical one, not necessarily a literal recap of actual historical events. Jesus/Yeshua may be a real person come ascended master, but the point of the Bible is to teach you how to attain “Christ consciousness”, or find ascendance yourself.


Well as to the second… the church (the Roman Catholic Church) says some of his apostles were educated and wrote it down and that’s why we know it.

As to the first…his specialness… I suspect if the claim that his fam fled to Egypt has any truth that that explains it all even the walking on water. If it was true then obviously he was trained in highly advanced magick.

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The biblical figures are all archetypal fictional characters. In the Kabbalah it is even explained that no figure in the Torah represents a real person. Since the New Testament is based on the Torah, this knowledge can also be applied to the New Testament.

Do you know Hiram Abif or Christian Rosencreutz? Both are figures who tread a path that has the character of initiation and represents the spiritual development of a person. It is similar with Jesus.

However, I have also found non-biblical references to Jesus, namely Roman commentators who reported about Jesus and they said that Jesus was a magician who came to Egypt as a poor child and learned magical skills there and finally used these skills to present himself as the Son of God. These commentators tell the story of Jesus very differently from the Bible. In fact, the act for which Jesus was executed in the Bible was not a real crime at the time and should not have been convicted of it, but if he had actually practiced magic then this would have been an offense for which he could have been killed.

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Even Jesus own cousin John questioned was he special.

Could you link this info about the Roman commentators? As it sounds really interesting

The most interesting part about the figure we know as ‘Jesus’ are the many other texts and branches centered or which included him; they call it ‘gnosticism’ but it was really very varied and plural; the catholic church fought hard against these movements which they deemed as heretical

Technically ‘history’ is written by the winners, so we only get one version mainly

If someone is interested, I would recommend just invoking and observing him, making your own conclusion.
I know people who have done this in astral-ish realms and what they saw isn’t the bible-thumping over-judgemental figure that is often portrayed, but a being who is good at exorcism and quite distant if anything; from human affairs.

Perhaps did people use these super-natural figures to justify their political system and their dominion; rather than they created it from the first place… they ‘exploited’? Another alternative.

That’s my take on it.

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I have over 30 years in studying ancient and spiritual texts. It would take me hours to give examples and proof of what I am about to say. The bible is an alagory for your human and spiritual body. It is a time vectored story with connections to cosmic macrocosmic and microcosmic activations with use of story events as an instruction manual. It’s basic instruction is to meditate and allow your higher self (the right hand of the father, cast your net to the right side of the brain.) to elevate and remove your seals. Your are sealed off naturally from higher realms at birth. Look 2 revelation to unwrap the seals at each chakra. The back of the scroll (alagory
4 ur body.) contains the 7 seals. You have to build 7 cathedrals. 1 in each chakra. Then give it light. Angels are light. They are angles of light. I’ll stop there. That is my input. I don’t think the events or ppl in the bible ever happened. But through meditation it happens everyday. Just my opinion; but I know many who disagree with me and that is fine as we both respect each other’s beliefs. Thank you for this topic.

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