Questions about inner alchemy, alchemy in general


use a water bowl then.
ideally with a drop of blood in it.

For ease on the mechanisms,
please look into the hermetic principles.




Enjoyed this and the rest of the written work below.
Thank you for scaring the fuck out of my vessel. :wink::grin:

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Gas, - air
Liquid, - water
Solid. - earth

The three base stages of matter.

followed by plasma,
which is fire.

Dark, Cosmos, Void
Light, Sun, Fire
neutral - Gaya . Earth


Soul Fire

I got no other words off of it.

So, this is a chart. Tell me, can you give me a quick hint to give me the right direction?

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Oh my God this is physical transmutation

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Watch the part about thummo breath.

what did you think it is?

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No idea what I thought it was.

So, listen, I see what this means. This is alchemy to trigger physcial changes in the body, yes. But how do I exactly use this “chart”? I see three elements, and there’s this sort of connection. Yes. But I do not see what is done with this.

(I have done this breathing to great result just now, I am noticable physically a few degrees warmer, and I have practice with this in the past with introduction into hermetics and pyrokinesis)

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Create a chi ball,
a fireball
and an ice ball or void ball.

Fuse them together,
eat the energy,
and center it inside your body in the abdomen or solar plexus.

Solar plexus should ideally be filled with a fireball which is permanent.

Goal be something like this:


the three fused energy balls centered in your lower dan tien,
the solar plexus emitting a steady eternal flame.


It is done. I feel a little blah so it’s hard to get all of the psychic confirmation, but I feel a steady flame. Thanks, Yberion.

May I know what this is?

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My system is rebalancing. This is interesting

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the flame in the chest means eternalism, immortality.

the three spheres combined create prima mater,
it being stored in your lower abdomen means vast mana / chi pool to work with.

Simple enough explained?


Yes, thanks Yberion.

Sometimes I wonder if you understand some of the things I say to you spiritually physically.

Anyways, glad you thought of this and me related or whatever or

Like I don’t know

I’m glad one of the spirits from my shadow posse hit you over the head with some ancient alchemy and was like “give this to the strange one”

I guess you’re part of my shadow posse now? I have no goddamn idea. Anyways, thank you.

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I felt exhilarated for a bit. Still do. I’m dancing in circles

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Word of Creation.



Please don’t tell me I have to set up a distillery for ascension work dear god that is both not my thing and very expensive and finnicky sounding

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That wasn’t supposed to be mean btw. I just dont know much about this kind of alchemy, this physical distillation

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My ajna burns as I listen to the reading.

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Two parts of my face, my mouth area around my teeth, are being stimulated as my eye. I am confused.

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This worked.

Thanks, Yberion, I see it’s time for strength.

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Nope, you do not need physical destille.

I attached it to give your mind a break before going into the emerald tablets.

Seems like that worked wonderfully well.



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