Questions about food offerings to demons

Hey, so I have some questions in regard to offerings.

So I’m going to try and summon Lilith soon, first to build a relationship with her. In order to please her, I’m going to prepare several offerings for her. One of which will be food.

So my questions are:

  • How will I know if Lilith accepts the food?
  • How will I know when Lilith is finished with the food offering?
  • When Lilith is finished, would it be wrong for me to finish whatever is left of the food? Or should I throw it out?
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When I do food offerings I usually try and ask ahead of time what they would prefer to have. I’ve been asked to leave wine,oranges,chocolates and other fruits. I initially left it outside in nature after ritual but then I was told he would prefer I either consume it after the ritual or if I’m eating without being a ritual, invite him to taste it with me.
I’ve never worked with Lilith but am sure she will let you know what she prefers you to do


Please try using the search function. There are many threads with information about offerings, and how they are done.

An important rule is to never eat from food offerings or from the plates/glasses that have been used unless the enitity actully tells you directly that its alright.

You will know if she accepts it and when she is finished by subtle signs but you should atleast let it be out overnight.

I just invite the spirit to taste the offering with me and let them eat with me unless they request otherwise