Questions about crystals

i would like to ask a question about crystals

i read the Clairvoyance (Psychic Awakening Book) and the author talks about
a few crystals i would like to know your opinion about these crystals, because they are really hard to find. and if they are sold they cost much money, and i don’t want to just buy and buy if i don’t know if they really work. i have already 40+ common crystals and i don’t really feel a benefit a side from a increase of energy.

i will copy the text of the book and if you could give me your opinion about it.

Clear quartz crystal that is sceptered or double-terminated (does it has to be natural formed double terminated for the purpose of clairvoyance?) , placed on
your forehead at the point of the third eye, which is located slightly above
the point between your eyebrows has proven effective for many people.

Are sceptered or double-terminated really necessarily?, because i have normal amethyst and clear quartz

Could you tell me other things i can do with crystals to open up the clairvoyance and clairvoyance ?

Could you tell me which crystals and shapes are really helpful for astral sight and hearing ?

The most amazing crystal if you can get one is a naturally
double-terminated quartz crystal about 2 inches in length with a phantom

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i could not find this stone so i bought this one below, my question is is that stone i bought is equal as good or better than the one the author talks about ?

I also saw Tibetan quartz double-terminated with ghost inside are they better than the normal ones?

I;m not sure, there are a few fake crystals out there but maybe someone else can answer with a bit more knowledge? :thinking:

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