Questions about contacting the HGA

I have been reading about ways to contact one’s holy guardian angel but I don’t understand why do we have to go to such lengths to achieve such a thing.

Can’t we just use divination to get its name and then summon it? I am asking because i was able to get its name using it and i was also able to confirm multiple times that this was in fact the name of my HGA

Can’t I just summon him now? Am I missing something?

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What kind of guardian angel are you talking about?

According to the New Age, everyone has a guardian angel, usually a well known named angel, that watches over us. Even in the Left Hand Path, some people believe we all have “patron” demons, who, like guardian angels, guide us and watch over us throughout our lives.

If you are talking about the HGA of Abramelin, though, here’s the thing: The Holy Guardian Angel is NOT an actual angel in the usual sense of the word. Aleister Crowley himself wrote that he chose to call it that in his translation of Abramelin as a tongue-in cheek blind, but the term just stuck. It is something that is both simultaneously external to you, and a part of you.

Because it is not a being like the usual angels and demons we all know. It is beyond them, above them, and must be coaxed, like a lover, rather than forcibly summoned. It is the embodiment of the Divine, a Power, and requires one to “enflame thyself with prayer” to be brought into presence, and will come in its own time. Any “HGA” that can be summoned is not the same HGA talked of in the Knowledge and Conversation.

However, you don’t actually have to do a lot to make contact. Generally, you simply need to make room for it in your life. That is primarily what the prayers and purifications of the Abamelin Operation are for. You basically need to lift yourself out of material concerns and reach out for the HGA, and it is rather simple to do. We just have a tendency to mire ourselves in our physical circumstances, so that’s why the original operation required a retreat from the world.

I’ve just begun using the protocols of Damon Brand’s book Magickal Destiny to connect with mine, and they don’t require much effort at all. It’s all about intention, and a sincere desire for connection.


Intend to connect with the angel. That’s all you have to do. Your experience may or may not be spectacular, but the intention to connect institutes the connection.

I have received a name, and another name. I’ve gotten a sigil from a cloud pattern. None of these things are necessary and are like asking an intermediary to convey your message when the angel is also right there and can hear every word just fine.

I can only speak from my experience as one who has undergone a process similar to the classical Abramelin Operation. When I started Guardian Angel magick, I already had an idea as to what that meant as I never really explored the concept much prior to the release of Damon Brand’s new book Magickal Destiny. I have had multiple very magickal experiences with this magick, and that was while I was still very soaked in the energy of the Enochian Keys. The other energies that you are summoning will influence your experience in my belief.

So achieving contact is rather easy and straightforward, what requires more practice is understanding what it is you are connecting to and how to do things like manifest results.


It’s not necessary to have intensive ritual to speak with you HGA (also called, the Personal Daimon, and the Genius Spirit). After all, it is always connected to you, and this spirit helped fused your soul to your body at birth, and is your keeper throughout life.

In fact, you do not even need to know their name. Orpheus wrote a Hymn to the Personal Daimon that can be used, for example, and similarly there is a traditional Catholic Prayer that can be used.

And intensive ritual and direct connection was not always used to know their name. One traditional method, given by Agrippa and taken from earlier sources, looks at certain points in a person’s natal chart and derives a name from it.

Now, you are certain you know the name, so you can simply call on your HGA with it. Intensive ritual has its own purpose, but contact can be established very easily.


I know that the HGA is not necessarily an angel and all that i sometimes call it holy daimon though i do feel like there might be a distinction between the two.

If demons, angels and gods are divine themselves and we can summon them, then what makes the HGA any different? Shouldn’t we be able to summon them too?

I do not believe that everyone has an HGA. I believe that there can be people with multiple and even people with none since not everyone may need guidance.

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I agree that people can have multiple Personal Daimons (Daimonae?), although personally I disagree about some not having any. Anyone can call to their Personal Daimon and be successful in it.


I am not saying that because their prefered method of contact failed they do not have an HGA, I am saying that some people simply might not need guidance and therefore not have one.

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Personally, I do not believe the HGA is the same thing as a personal daimon. The literature I’ve read seems to imply it’s considerably different. The personal daimon, or genius, was believed to be something local to you, whereas the HGA is both you and not you.

The HGA is not at the same level as the regular angels, demons, or gods. Based on my own experiences, despite our intrinsic divinity, there are many things in this universe that are beyond our ability to summon.

There are many theories on what, exactly, the HGA is, and really, like everything else in the occult, it basically comes down to whatever you want to believe about it. It will then conform to those beliefs.

All I can suggest is use the name you received and see what you get, and then, if you want to compare, go through a more traditional approach and see if there is any difference in the result. If nothing else, it would be an interesting experiment to see how context matters.


I do feel like that they are completely different from angels and demons, I just thought that since they are divine too I might be able to summon them if I make some modifications. Well i will try to at least.

Yes. The HGA, from my understanding, is beyond linear time. It’s very possible that you connected with it in a previous incarnation.


I wanted to elaborate on this one a bit.

You can intend to connect, but there is also accepting the energies that come to you. I think magick as a meta thing is hearing your intentions, whether intentional or not, and all the mash of mind stuff you have going on and tries to bring you what it is you are looking for.

I, personally, have energies I intentionally enjoy having in my magick, and then let the spirits come to me as they will.

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