Questions about chakras

Which chakra is for spiritually hear, see nd feel? I heard that throat chakra is for hearing
nd third eye chakra for seeing, is this true? Please correct me if im wrong nd plz answer mz question

The door to perception is the Muladhara, the root chakra. It opens up everything else, and that is why in yoga you are supposed to start there.


Soo i only have to strenthen my root chakra to open every chakra? Will this open every chakra automatily(?

The throat chakra isn’t for hearing, you have chakras in your ears, people just forget we have minor chakras, working out the entire chakra system, becoming familiar with your chakras system helps. Albeit your clairvoyant abilities aren’t heavily reliant on the chakras it is best to have a well worked out system to make the development smoother, it’s a difference between walking through thick oil and walking through water.


No. You develop the root first because it starts the ball rolling, but you still have to develop the other chakras as well.

I will say though, that during the 350 Day Challenge a few years ago, one member of the forum developed clairaudience through the vibration of the root seed mantra 2000 times a day.


Oh so u say i should start from root chakra then third eye chakra

No, dude, there are no shortcuts. You start at the root and you work your way up through each chakra. You don’t jump from the bottom to the top. That is how you cause yourself problems.

If you are going to work with the chakras, then work with them properly.

To help develop your “third eye,” start working in vision, using something like shamanic journeying, or through books like Goetia Pathworking by Corvin Hargrove, or Raziel’s Paths of Power by Jareth Tempest.

@Lady_Eva has a journeying tutorial that she can send to you if you ask nicely.


So like @DarkestKnight mentioned you start at the bottom root chakra and you work your way up through each of other 6 chakras in order.
Starting with root chakra it will ground you and it is a safe way to open your self to the unknown.
If you start at the top like third eye you might end up in a mental hospital your emotions are going to go crazy.

Just think of it like this when you build a house you start at the bottom with the foundation and work your way up to adding walls and door and windows.
Same goes for you, build your foundation start with root chakra witch is considered first chakra then second chakra witch is the sacral chakra then solar plexus and so on,
work your way up to the crown chakra in order.

Good luck


That would be pineal gland/ajna chakra.

Pineal gland is not Ajna ffs

That is some seriously admirable commitment!

Ajna activates pineal gland. Glad is the third eye!