Questions about black magic

Hello, everyone.

While I’m scanning books of magic, some questions about the black magic came into my mind (I’m using words black, white magician in terms of WoD).

I’m just a beginner. So please don’t take these questions ill and tell your opinions.

  1. Can Black Magician do what Bardon(or any other magician’s group) said? Such as immortality of physical body, levitation, etc.

  2. If possible what is the fundamental differences between black and white magician?(may be source of power or purpose?)

  3. And what is the final state of Black and White adept?

Thank you!


I’ve heard good things about bardons work, just looking into it myself, so I can’t personally attest to any claims made.

To me, the difference comes by intent. Magic is a hammer, do you build with it or use it to brain someone? To me it seems the difference to most people is how one uses it, does it infringe on another’s will or not. I’m not really sure if its possible to not infringe on anothers will, even being as open ended as many “white” practitioners tend to be.

I can’t answer that last question, I don’t feel qualified to.


Sometimes “black” and “white” ascension may coincide. In such a case, black magic would realize the part regarding “visita interiora terrae”, the initiatic death and entering hell, so to speak.
Theoretically it’s possible for the said death to reach the point leading to physical immortality (mortal should be replaced by immortal or change into it, and change could be viewed as a death).
The white is neuter in orthodox High Magic, and positive in modern High Magic. In both cases, black is about the negative polarity; the relative entities are Demons but, indeed, occult authors often point out that the magic is one.


To me there is no black, white or grey, it is the intention of the user and even then it’s subjective.

The only differences I’ve come across is what the user wishes to accomplish. I believe for “white” Magick it was closer to having a God and for “black” being a God.
This is painfully simplified and if I can find the thread I’ll link it.

As for immortality and levitation, I have yet to hear of it but research it, our human bodies are capable of a lot we don’t think is possible.
The only thing I’ve read about was the Alchemist Flemel (yes he was a real person outside Harry Potter).

  1. Yes, levitation is possible and it’s not a big deal in magick. For gaining immortality of the physical body, it could definitely be very possible.

  2. In my honest opinion, I don’t think black and white magick even exist. Only magick exists, black & white is just religious crap.

I would advise you to watch this video about the so called ‘white magick’

  1. The final state of magick is realizing that you are “The God”.

Yes, Timothy also has a video on God hood where he explains pretty well black and white Magick.


Wow, thank you for your answers!

And video of Timothy is also cool.

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You can buy Timothy’s book as a ebook from the main site, I recommend it. I have read it and it does a very good job of explaining everything tho a bit harsh so be wary but a good read.


Im regards to levitation I believe I did it accidentally once. My neighbour was a Buddhist nun and she use to take me to her weekly meditation group. I had been going for probably close to a year but this one particular night I swear I was floating an inch or two above the ground. I had this sensation for probably close to 10seconds before I looked down and saw my legs off the ground. I was 14 and 100% freaked out and landed my arse gasping for air. No one else noticed it but I know what I felt and saw.