Questions about Angels and Demons

What are the ways an angel or demon could kill you, the evoker? How do we know the angels that can be evoked are actually angels and not demons disguising themselves as angels? Do angels and demons care about anyone other than their own interests? What do they want? Do angels know God and demons know Satan? Are they at war with each other? If the archangel Michael has extreme personality shifts this conflicts with the image portrayed by the bible that they are perfect beings created to worship God? If they the angels are angels why do they need offerings? For the people that evoke demons how are they not afraid that the demon could kill them in a heartbeat with no consequences? What makes magicians believe that a circle, a basic shape on the floor will protect them from injury or death when evoking? What is the most that a malevolent spirit could do in a scrying mirror? What is the point of evoking spirits other than to hurt someone or get money/sex/power? Does every dealing with a spirit come with strings attached - you must give something the spirit wants in order to get them to do something you want? There’s two schools of thoughts about evoking. A) that you are a living God that commands respect and the demons need to do what you tell them to. B) that the demons and angels are equals. But some people accept disrespect from these spirits. For example I read I think it was Belial said “why are you calling me the great… you are just a piss in a pot” and told him he “short time in his existence”, threatened to burn his studio down unless he quit his addiction and Lucifer called someone a “fool”. If a spirit called me those names I would be very pissed off. Is being treated like you are beneath these demons the norm as acceptable out of fear of offending these demons and them killing you?

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Thank you. That summed up the contradictions perfectly. I cannot explain things as well as you did. Perfect.

Wow your question are all over the place, man.

Making you trip over your own feet and die from head injury.

How do you know they are not goblins in disguise?

If you care about someone they are within your own interest, so where is the problem here?

You to think on your own.

Which God/Satan?

Are cats at war with dogs?

He has extreme personality shifts?

Why do demons need offerings? Or don’t they?

Human megalomania.


Zoom in on all your wrinkles and pimples.

Drink a cup of tea.

If I help a grandma cross the street, I will always take her money afterwards.

Omg how could he? I’m so angry now.


You seriously have 100 questions and expect someone to write a dissertation? Go do your research.

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Learn to tell the difference by the way they feel. Their energy is different, just as both of their energies are different from fae or shadows, and so on.

There’s not one single answer for that. You’d have to ask each individual spirit.

I think the New Age idealized version of ‘perfect’ and wholesome beings that do nothing but coddle you because they’re nothing but pure love, sunshine, and rainbows overshadows almost everything nowadays. Michael is only mentioned a few times in the bible and says what, like 4 words? That’s not near enough to be able to say that his personality is ‘contradictory’ to how he ‘should’ be, based off of one book. He’s an individual, just like the rest of them, with a varied personality, just like everyone else. He has his own interests and goals, just like they all do, but he also serves to maintain and further the collective goals of his pantheon. Let’s not forget that the majority of the angels that people work with are warriors. They hold rank in a military. They’re not glitter throwing sparkle bunnies.

Who says they do? Many people work with all kinds of spirits without giving offerings. @DarkestKnight has said several times that he has rarely ever given an offering to any type of spirit and he has worked with a lot of them.

Are you afraid to take a shower because you might slip and crack your head open? Every single direction you turn on this planet is something that might kill you (insert Australia joke here). Why just demons, though? Because demons = bad? Other spirits are just as capable, including angels. And besides, if they’re mentally unstable enough to just randomly kill someone because they were evoked, why even wait to be evoked? Why aren’t they running around just offing random people for shits and giggles?


Heart attack, allergy attack etc.

Angels have a different energy than demons.


Depends on the entity. Everyone has their own agenda.



I have never heard of Michael having extreme personality shifts before. Also, angels in the Bible aren’t really considered “perfect” either.

Angels don’t typically ask for offerings. However, they don’t mind receiving them.

Usually because they know how not to piss off a demon.

A circle alone doesn’t protect you from getting attacked.

Scare you? I don’t know.

There are more reasons for evoking than just hurting someone or getting money/sex/power. Some people evoke them for protection or healing. Some people evoke them to help develop their skills as a magician.

It can come with strings attached. Depends on the entity and the deal.

Honestly, the whole “living god” thing is a marketing tactic. It sounds more appealing than “become a great magician”.

Equals in what way?

Yes, some relations between humans and spirits can turn into abuse.

Doesn’t sound like Belial. He’d just take away the addiction, regardless if that’s what the magician wants.

Oh no! Anything but a fool! :joy:

No, it’s not. You’d be amazed by how many people don’t fear demons.


The circle actually does protect you, because it symbolizes the sun the very center of our galaxy. Look at the alchemical symbol, the outer circle is the circle and the smaller one is you. The symbol of the sun has inherent power thats why it is used.

Yeah, but if you’re up against something super powerful, you’re probably going to need more than a circle.

sometimes, the angels and demons are using the strategy of ‘provocative therapy’. look it up. it’s making funny, exaggerate their problems or insults at person so they snap out of their dead end negative behavior trance. For some people, that’s the only method that works.
higher being don’t look down on you. they treat each individual on circumstance.

For example they could say “You’re not ugly, you’re just hard to look at.” Kills me every single time.

They tell you what they want, what they really really want.

Because worse things could happen in life. And I mean this unironically.

I am a really lonely person, ok?

Sometimes they have a point, tho.

You’re talking an awful lot about demons killing the practicioner, are you ok? Any dodgy pacts lately?