Questions about altar rooms

Any idea why my room i keep my altar on is always freezing cold even in the summer? Idk what to think…

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It’s most likely the room is just that way due to architecture.

Are you saying the room only got cold after you make the alter? What happens if you move the alter to a different location not in the room?

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the cold follows the altar… that’s what confuses me slightly.
A while back I was doing some really intense ritual summoning of goetic spirits from the house of power.
Since then it’s been really cold around the area as well as things falling off shelves. No one has been outright hurt or anything and I can still use my altar without repercussions. I have used sage in the room and it almost feels colder after I am done.

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So called “cold spots” and falling objects are traditionally associated with paranormal activity, and usually with either human ghosts or stressed psychic people in the house, but not with Goetic entities, who tend not to hang around even when not dismissed. It’s possible your activity attracted a lesser entity in the area that’s now camping out there and enjoying a free lunch :smiley:

Have you tried cleansing and banishing the area, and setting up wards to prevent unwanted individuals entering the space without permission?

There’s some info on wards in one of out long-term fave tutorials here:

I would give this a try, at least as a first step in finding out the issue. If it works it’s clear is was a ghost or other astral wildlife mooching off the energy of and around the altar. Kinda like ants at a picnic, there doesn’t have to be any malicious intent, they just want some of what you’ve got going on. :slight_smile: So you can just shoo them off.

i’ll give it a try

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