I believe that I have made a connection with Duke Sallos(I asked for help with my childrens father and our relationship) but I have had two dreams where I have asked my childrens father to come to my house and he told me no. The other dream, we were in a house together and he was ignoring me. (I need to add that he has a new girlfriend)
Should I take it as this is a sign that I need to give up? I have been talking to Sallos, but so far I havent heard anything.

Unfortunately yes.

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Sallos doesn’t give dreams for no reason, and he doesn’t sugarcoat anything.

I understand. I will be honest and say that I was confused. My childrens father contacted me and basically wanted to be “friends”. First thought: Why? He had done some horrible shit to me I wouldn’t wish on my worse enemy. But because I still love and care after a year, I thought it was a sign.
Guess not.

Dreams are heavily influenced by your subconscious mind, and therefore what you saw could easily be linked to your own fears, rather than to Sallos. That’s why outsiders attempting to interpret someone else’s dreams tend to be laughable, and really only touch on basic archetypes you can find in any psychology text book.

Before assuming it is a sign from the spirit that things are not going to work out, ask Sallos for an absolutely, unmistakable sign that can’t be confused for anything else. Tell him you are a beginner and need a clear sign that does not require interpretation. Most spirits are all too happy to slap you upside the head to get a point across lol


Lol…that comment just made my day! I will be sure to do that tonight.
I have another question: I was beginning to think that I’m cursed. If I were to try to get rid of this curse, will I get rid of the help of Sallos?

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You can break the curse without getting rid of Sallos.

However, it is unlikely that you are cursed, as bad things happen every day without any sort of supernatural cause. I would try to get a confirmation through a third party divination before worrying about it.

Ask in the scanning thread for someone to take a look, and then go from there.


Okay. I will try that.
I feel like I need to pay you for helping me with this, lol. You have been extremely helpful. Thank You and I appreciate you.


This! :clap:t2:

Here to give you a quick update. I did what you suggested and I got my sign (i think)
As I was driving, I was talking to Sallos and I saw my childrens father parked at the girl house that he left me for. Literally as the words came out my mouth…lol
The signs that I received from him about wanting to be nice to me…I dont know why anymore.
How do I break my ties with Sallos? There is no help from him trying to reconcile for the sake of my family.
Also, how do I invoke Arioch? I feel like I need vengeance from all the things he put me though. If you want to know what he did…let me know

When a spirit says no and actually gives you a sign it’s for a reason. TRUST ME . He helped out DONT completely break ties , Kinda rude to the spirit, in my opinion . Give it time maybe he’s setting something up better for you than him. Give them time .


I understand.
I will be honest with you and say that I dont think that I summoned him correctly in the first place. I just chanted his enn, talked to him, told him thank you all the time. And I gave him water…
It was just everytime I thought about my ex, he would call. Even though it was only about our children.
Maybe because I’m a girl, I got excited that things were getting better. But tonight, it kinda took the wind from me.

You don’t have to break ties with Sallos. He did as you requested and showed you that your desire would not come to pass, or is beyond his power, so you can just thank him (give an offering with a prayer of thanks) and move on.

Spirits can see things we cannot, and as @Saurons_RightEye suggested, it is possible that Sallos was giving you a warning that, even if you did reconcile, it would not be in your best interest. Perhaps your ex has ulterior motives for his overtures towards you, and he is wanting to take advantage of you in some fashion that will leave you even worse off than you are now. Sallos could be protecting you.

Sallos may also feel there is someone better suited for you out there, so try to appreciate what he has done. You don’t have to work with him again if you don’t want to, but treat him with the respect he deserves.


Definitely. He has helped me out alot…
I’m hurt, but it is for the best


Sallos can help with the hurt, if you let him. Allow him to stir up some self love.

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Sometimes you have to go through the pain for the better . Sounds stupid, but i have kids as well and went through a divorce , i thought the same at one point . I look back now and we’re great coparents now but then we were in a toxic relationship. It sounds like the spirit is actually protecting you to be honest . Thank him for his time and showing you what needs to be shown, again, i some spirits do test you . Not sure if sallos is that type though. Just keep your head up ! Things will get better .

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Your dedication to what you are doing and your respect to a spirit matters. Not your summoning methods.

Treat spirits with respect. Spirits can help us to change things but not without our own will.

You first of all have to clear your own feelings and we all know this is the difficult part. You want him back but on the same time after the first “negative sign” -the “dream”- you asked for revenge… So?

You are still in pain. And such situations can cause mixed feelings. You would better try and clear your feelings. Under this situation you can set up smaller goals that would drive you to a bigger one. With the spirit’s support.


I understand. And you’re right, I am all over the place. Again, I just knew him starting to be nice to me was a sign…but it’s the holidays and I guess he doesnt want the kids so he can be with his boo.
I will never disrespect Sallos. Not intentionally. I feel like I need him more now…I do talk to him(or maybe myself :slight_smile:) alot. I havent offered him anything but water. I will ensure he will get some wine and cake? this weekend.

Thanks everybody. Sorry for being such a girl…


I also talk to the spirits about my stuff and things that matter to me. About my own endeavours and thoughts for things that I try to change. Things that I have asked their support. It is like talking to myself but hey this is a good starting point!!! And I got the feeling, well I am sure that spirits hear me. After such rituals that always have this talking included, I always feel better.

Offer what you can. Do it with love and respect and willing to give!

Yesterday I offered chocolate to Lilith!

No need to apologize. You are human and you have pained but I feel you got the power and the will to make things better.

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