hii, i want to know if gods, demons and entities can take the shape of people in personal lives on dreams to contact us?, i have this question since a past dream where i visisted a friend that was sick on a hospital, but the place looked like an antiquary shop, with a lot of old books, and antiquities, and on the second floor of that old building, there was an victorian bed with the curtains (they had a copper tone with stamps) and my friend was there, using a copper robe, i only had some vauge memories of having an conversation, but notting more else, after nottice the location, i may realized that more than a firend, i may have chat wih something else, perhaps there’s a chance to be real or not, but i may guess that other people had similar dreams.

Yes, it’s possible. However, since dreams are very subjective, no one can say for sure if it was another entity or just a creation of your own mind.


yes, i have the same doubt, there’s always a small possibility, but perhaps it may dont have a fair anwser.