Question(s) about Partial Projection

So I have a two quick questions.

First, is it considered partial projection when I am in my astral temple but I can still feel my bed, and hear things in my surroundings?

And second, how do I ensure that I stay partially projected when I am doing stuff in the mundane realm? I am asking because I want to have a nice christmas dinner party (No i don’t celebrate it as the birthday of Jesus) with my spirits and patrons. But I have to do it sometime in the afternoon as I usually take benedryl to help with my allergies and this usually puts me to sleep.

Plus Ultra,

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This may not be advisable with things requiring attention, such as when you’re driving or similar. Safety aside, you don’t need to project to them to experience dinner with them. Invite them to the dinner. Go into the bathroom if needed, claim the living space where you want to experience dinner with them, and invite them into the space. I do it when I cook larger Holiday or special occasion meals.


I believe that is partial projection. You are in your body, but you are controlling your energy body in the spiritual planes.


I am not in a situation where I can cook actual food and share it with them, thats why I want to have dinner with them in my astral temple.