Question regarding spirits of dead loved ones

so I keep having dreams about a friend of mine who was more like my sister lately she died 5 some yrs ago from a car accident thing is I think she is still hanging around the astral realms and hasn’t been reborn yet… I think she wants to speak with me… I have all her info written down such as birth day death day likes and hobbies even the name of her funeral home graveyard… I want to contact her via ouija and use her help for some dark black and chaos magick including getting her to show me what it’s like being dead and hell maybe even some sexual relationship since we fooled around that way when she was alive… thoughts is this ethical or just plain dark magick???

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don’t want to slut shame her as well but she got around while she was alive and I think she might be a succubus now… is that weird???

it’s the vibe I’m getting from her we fooled around and she was known to hook up with lots of guys and even girls I get the feeling of her staying in the infernal astral realms as a succubus it’s just odd…

Alright. I’ve put a bit on necromancy up here but if you don’t want to do a full evocation end believe it is more than just her shade hanging but she somehow held her true consciousness in her astral body then i recommend you look at Initiation into Hermetics as that gives a technique of channeling appropriate for a board or pendulum etc. You must however focus not on her astral body that you believe to be hanging around but focus connecting with her true self. This will tell you if you just have a hungry shade on your hands or if it really is her. I recommend you practice with other spirits first though to train your mind to truly let go and not fool you with your own imagination. I haven’t presented that technique as my writing here about necromancy is for heavier work as it were but I can attest to its effectiveness if done properly.


thanks I just keep getting dreams about this person and think the spirit is trying to make contact… I was going to go about this in a dyi way just dive in use ouijas and pendulums along with clairvoyance since I don’t like using other ppls techniques and like messing around on my own chaos magick etc… I’m going to try and channel some non demonic spirits as well post results when I’m done

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nothing wrong with books taking advice and using others skills but I say fuck that and dive in with first hand experience I can fuck up sure but it’s a risk I must take

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Alright well IIH is basically metamagick techniques that deals with basically energy manipulation and elemental magick leading to astral and higher stuff. The technique for channeling is summed up as you remove your astral hand or arms from your physical leaving them empty for the spirit or being to control. That is the basic concept if you happen to be interested.

The book has a lot of philosophy and dogma but it is presented more as warnings and examples of things no ‘True’ Magician would do but it does not interfere with the practical presentation of the techniques given and really is a lot of just cover up as well I feel.

Good luck with making contact. If it is her then it might entirely be possible she might be interested in some mischief of whatever sort you might have in mind. If it is just her shade you can still use that just have to be cautious and keep in mind it is just an echo of her true self. You could still contact that though too.


well I think we do all get reborn I’m concerned about how long that takes since her death was over 5 yrs ago in 2012 if her spirit or shade is still even lingering and not reborn yet I don’t get the vibe of being reborn though I think she was an atheist not sure what happens to them…

Most souls do get reborn or particularly weak ones recycled in a sense the core consciousness remains on the universal level. Some end up indentured to demons or angels or gods whatever beings they may have made too many pacts or interacted with too much in life without balancing it out. It is a matter of vibration and being pulled to their realms as a form of afterlife until they even out again and move on their way. They can’t truly be detained except by their own balance. Stronger souls may not even choose to reincarnate but might take up positions as spirits and maybe even eventually gods if enough people think that is what they are those are usually magicians that have had many life times to perfect and master their abilities though. Strong will or attachment can also lead to this. Thing to keep in mind the universal true consciousness of an individual is without time so you can communicate with her in that fashion even if she reincarnated but that will be the collective sum of their entire existence and so might be quite familiar or quite alien depending on how much of their universal mind you contact at once and if it embodies multiple incarnations or just the relevant one. That seems to be how things work more or less in my experience. You might perceive something different and more relevant to how you view things though.


I personally have vowed and made pact with Azazel to not be reborn again and stay in spirit form in the infernal realm so I think that’s what is going to happen… I wasn’t sure if you could still contact spirits of dead ppl if they have been reborn and are now different ppl

what about the atheist who doesn’t believe in life after death? I am also just getting the vibe of this spirit being a succubus since she was freaky and michtevious while she was alive could be wrong though…

yeah I get the vibe of myself being a demon when I die

silly question so you think ghosts spirits show up in the form they died in since this friend of mine died in a car wreck she could show up in her mangled damaged body form not very pleasant ya know…

Well considering your pact you will likely end up in his service in that case until you can earn your way free which will also likely coincide with the time it takes for you to develop the powers to operate independently as a spirit.

As for atheist their path is the same as all others. They quickly depart their astral shells that become shades unless some form of power or strong enough will and attachment keep them there and are reincarnated after a time of existing in a more pure mental state and possibly in some varied astral realm which they have an affinity for by their nature. Those that believe strongly in a god end up in a realm corresponding to that belief and others might end up in a more malleable limbo type state while waiting their turn to be reborn or in other realms that match their personality or other beliefs of the afterlife.

As to appearance if it is a shade that depends on what part of their memories are currently dominant which depends on your preconceptions and emotions at the time of calling them forth or seeing them in the astral. If you believe strongly enough that they will look as when they died they will appear that way to you even while someone else sees them whole. If you remain open you will see more of their true current state which is rarely in a mangled form unless weighed down by negative emotions or they are aggressive, hungry etc and trying to elicit a response to feed on the emotional energy.
Now if she is still inhabiting her astral body it will look like whatever she wants it to look like which might be trouble for you if she is the sort to want to look like that for laughs or whatever motive.


yeah I am in debt with Azazel and most likely end up a solider in his infernal legion… I just watch to many horror movies like the sixth sense where all those ghosts are bloody and disgusting…

it’s what is stopping me from working with human spirits demons I can handle but not fucking gross looking mangled corpse like ghosts ewww…

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Yeah they usually don’t appear that way unless you expect them to bad enough or they are full up on negative energy then your mind interprets that appropriately. Now echoes of events are another matter. If an event leaves behind a strong enough impression it could create thought forms similar to ghosts that are born out of the emotional trauma that will be terrifying but those aren’t really ghosts or shades but those are usually bound to the location the event occurred and fade over time.