Question Regarding Pacts

Hey hope everyone is doing good!

I have a quick question regarding pacts.
i was going through a really tough time for a really long time and still am, but its getting a tiny better atm.
i was calling Lucifer and asking / praying for guidance & help,
and told him that i dont have anything to offer than my sadness & tears (that i had on that moment)
So the question is, could this situation be regarded as a pact, Im kinda worried about that, i never mentioned to do something in return but was simply asking for guidence (sorry for this noob question lol)
i currently left the occult totally and im just doing meditations / chakra work etc and working on my self and mental health.

Thanks in advance for answers :pray:


No, You just prayed for guidance.

Hope it turns out well buddy.


I appreciate it thanks.


It wouldn’t be a pact because you both didn’t agree to a plan to achieve something together.

If you want a pact, I recommend making a plan then have the spirit look it over. I recommend sacrifices of some kind. Not necessarily death or blood, but more sacrificing your own goals or a piece of yourself.

Most importantly, respect the spirit. Allow them to be free in the room, and do not try to control them.


I don’t think so. There wasn’t negotiation of a relationship in the future based on what you’ve written here and it also doesn’t seem like there was any exchange of ‘services’ or anything else formally agreed upon.

Seems more like you prayed for guidance and that’s so if something comes of this it will probably be Lucifer’s guidance. If you want to make a pact in the future, Lucifer is great, make sure he’s who you want though and then formally request to make a pact and see where things go from there.

Best of luck with your journey and healing!


I have been trying calling Lucifer to work with Him but yet no sign of His presence, please help me on contacting Him