Question regarding pact (again)

So after making a pact what should i do? Channel energy?, evoke/invoke them daily? Build alter to them? Can i evoke them then meditatate? What should i do? And i don’t want answers like ‘you can do whatever you like, its all up to you’ or ‘the kind of thing you agreed on while making the pact’ No!
Btw its for relationship development, like getting to know each other better?
And again btw its satan( getting a pull from him recently so why not?), i havent made a pact with him yet but would like to know what i can do after that, but frist these 15-20 days imma get familier with his energy and nature then make a pack, I Wanna know what i can do so surly do throw some suggestions my way and recommdations too! :smiley:


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meditate regularly on His sigil, contact Him more often (ask if its ok to contact Him just to talk about random stuff first). maybe even set up an Altar for Him to feel His energy stronger in your room?
Wear His sigil in form of a necklace or ring too so that you always have His energy with you

what I also do is let my music play on shuffle during rituals and let the deity freely decide the music (I shuffle it at hte start of the ritual) just so they can express themselves and you get to see parts of their personality through it (they will also put up music fitting to the topic at the moment, so do pay attention to that)

good luck!


What will be your side of the pact?

But otherwise, when it’s done, just put in all the effort into the situation you can, talk with him etc. and let it develop from there! It shows you’re serious about the result you want. And don’t think about the magick, just trust in it and let the spirit do it’s thing.

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can i just draw his seal on small piece of paper then carry it with me?
i can’t have ring or necklace^^’

You can just do it once and that should be enough, as long as you trust it and do your part. But, if you feel it’s necessary, then I’d suggest repeating the ritual again for 2 days, so you’ve done it 3 days. So you can just work with his sigil and that’s fine, you don’t even need to make a full on pact (A pact should be for more long term very serious things I feel, if that’s what you mean by pact).

Btw, why choose to work with Satan, if I may ask?

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you can! I recommend NOT putting the paper into your pants pockets or anything else that could ahve other items there that could ruin the sigil. if you have a phone case maybe place it in there ? or in your wallet in a safe pocket that no one touches. It’d be safe that way and you can keep it with you at all times

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Hmm @Cosmic_star do you have ‘Master Works of Chaos Magick’ by Adam Blackthorn? Since we spoke about that some time ago. You could use a ritual in there to contact the spirit, it might work better than this link I sent


just. i was seeing his name everywhere so i asked someone to scan and they said it was a coincidence but he was beconning
and i’ve been seeing his name from almost three days and this happened before

and yes, i have the book, i’ll try doing that! :))

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i don’t really put anything in my pockets/jeans, but the seal will be crushed so i’ll follow your advice

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so what abt 3 evocation/invocation in a week? hope its not too much
and the pact is for building friendly relationship with him

He’s not usually a spirit invoked for to create love. You might be more successful if you work with a spirit like Amon for this.

Awesome, read the instructions and try to connect with the ritual as deeply as you can, and offer what you feel is right. Although, hopefully you didn’t pirate the book? That’s quite important, as if you did then it would probably be better if you use the other link I sent.

Evocation is a bit much for this situation. Why not just summon him through the sigil?

Do you feel a pact is necessary for this?

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The video I sent from E.A has an answer to that.

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i did not said i was calling him for love

yeah i call sigil glazing method evocation ;-;

idk thats why i’m asking for advice^^’

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Ohh sorry, I misread your post, probably confused it with another thread :sweat_smile: but that’s fine then.
If you’re just trying to build a relationship with Satan rather than a result, then building an alter to him and giving daily offerings might be best. You can also write prayers of praise to him and either give it to him through prayer or through summoning him with his sigil.

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hmm… Daily offerings, is it ok share?, i mean if im making something for myself and also give it to him little. Or do i have to make his offering seprately? And can offerings be anything?

Yes you can do that. Might be better to offer a whole offering though.

Yes they can be pretty much anything. Food, drinks, artwork, gems, jewelry, even offering to give up something like smoking for a month (Although that last one is more for if you want a result, but can show devotion).

Also, you should get to know Satan first before making a pact with him. So work with him a while and then see if you work well with his energy etc. and then if you find you like it and it will be beneficial, then you can do a pact with him. And just for clarity, this is with Satan, not Lucifer?

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Yes. I said before making a pact, i’ll wait atleast 15-20 days and see his nature and energy…etc.

Yea its satan

and thanks a lot! :DD

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But what happens if i did pirate a copy?

They curse people who pirate copies of their works.

The curse can cripple your magick.

ooh but what if i don’t use their method? just use for information?