Question regarding attraction

So, I feel as if attraction isn’t a logical phenomenon. People can still be attracted to aspects of a person besides physicality or circumstances. It’s not as common, but still possible.

I’m wondering if attraction spells always have to involve violating free will, or could they take an aspect of the caster and use that to attract someone.

I’m pretty sure they just boost you a couple points up , if you’re a 0/10, 4”2 with yellow teeth , you’re now a 2/10

The attraction based on an aspect would be suited to my case since I think one of my problems is that those aspects remain below the surface, both about love and popularity/success, anyway I believe some workings employ this mechanism or they may be created.

The character traits of a person can be a highly attractive aspect and that can shine through.
Beauty is only skin deep, as they say.

You are not violating anyone’s free will by displaying your best traits, you are just letting people see what you think could be likeable about yourself. If you can apply this thinking to your spells then you are simply saying ‘hey if you like this then come and get it.’

In a spell or with projecting thought, instead of saying ‘You will do this and you will do that’, you could say ‘I have this for you and I have that for you.’
That’s not violating anything. It becomes an invitation and they can either take it or leave it.