Question on the lucifer chronicles

Hello there,

Last year I purchased the book “The Lucifer Chronicles”. I eagerly read the whole book swiftly and kind of started doing a ritual or two from the book. I am not sure I did it right because well my intuitive senses are pretty low. Right now, I am to be honest… falling even more into the depressive spiral that I keep myself in and I do not know if I will make it out. I like the idea of exploring more into the left hand path and exploring more into the many daemons, gods and goddesses that lie in wait. There are so many rituals in the book, how do you know which one to start out with and or try to evoke? I do apologize for the lack of clariity. I am still figuring out what I want and what not. But more importantly, I just want to live a life of purpose and have actutal contact with that one or many daemons that will gulde me down the path of self enlightenment. Oh and to get myself out of this financial banruptcy would be nice too. I mention that last because well I am sure everyone has that question in some form or another. I just need help overall in all areas. My faith is seriously lacking and I put out this last attempt to the universe to whoever hears the cry for help.

Hey Sycamore, it looks like you need to prioritize your needs. I think a lot of LHP entities, although maybe not Lucifer, can be rough on your psyche at times. Cause they can test your limits. I’m not sure if that added pressure will be good for your ‘depressive spiral’. Maybe focus on healing yourself, spiritual and regular methods, working with lighter beings before working on your money issues or these powerful darker entities.


Well, the order the rituals are provided in the book should work just fine, so why don’t you try that instead of picking random workings? Lucifer has many masks and if you develop genuine contact with these energies, you can use them both for spiritual self-initiation and material gain. Depressive states may indicate that there’s already some kind of initiatic process going on, and this is not a bad sign at all unless you choose to remain in this state instead of seeing it as an opportunity to evolve.


Well, that explains a lot for me in my life.