Question on Readings and Possessions

I have a cousin who has a boyfriend who is a Santero and I also think he does Palo Mayombe as well. He also goes into ritual possession to conduct readings. I’m wondering if someone were to get a reading done on thenselves ot someone else, can the spirit follow the person(s)? My cousin often gets readings done on our family and he gave mine and my mom’s hair to his fucking boyfriend and I had no idea all these years until shit hit the fan and memories came back to me.

I have been under attack for a long time and now it seems like my family is under attack because everything seems to be getting progressively worse for us and I have an aunt who says she gets headaches and she sees a woman climbing on her walls and fire escape and says her newborn often looks around like she can see her too.

There were even times when I had a laptop that I woke up in a trance and just pushed my laptop on the floor and. Like I was only partially aware of what I was doing and when my laptop hit the floor I was then fully awake. It was as if whatever possessed me momentarily, came only to destroy my things then leave and this has happened a few times.

Other times I would always hear music in my head, say things that people were thinking or daze out and when I came to, I would say what people were feeling or thinking and I’d also get random muscle spasms that it seems id always get or even my foot being jerked and then I’d wake up.

Now that im under attack I feel like I’m under partial possession from the waist down.

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Bump cuz I need answers

If someone had the reading/possession done in person or some link of the person was used to conduct the reading – then the spirit could probably follow said person/attach to that person.

Just in case, and it seems like this might be the case for you. I would do some banishing and warding. As well as cleansing yourself/surroundings.

You feel you are partially possessed from the waist down?


Yeah unless I was being fucked with while I was sleeping. I tried banishing and it made my legs fucking flail around while I was trying to sleep it was goofy and weird.

But I’ve also seen them, once a few years ago when I was woken up out of my sleep and a ton recently. I cant even identify them.

Sorry to hear that you are having a rough time!
My advice would be to undertake an uncrossing bath ritual.

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