Question on Magick Squares / Planetary Camea

Please help clarify.

Question regarding the usage of “magick squares” also called “Planetary Cameas”

I am quite rusty with my usage of this tool. I know I can use the Pythagorean numerology to find the numerical value of letters as oppose to the Hebrew Gamatria. I am confused on how to apply the reductions or apply no reductions.

Do I remove all vowels minus the A to make it correspond to Hebrew?

Do I remove all repeating letters only?

Do I keep all letters?

So in the example of wanting to create a sigil with the non- Hebrew Hindu Goddess Durga , specifically “Devi Skandamata” (fierce form) which I would want to draw in the Camea of Mars.

I= 9

Do I remove all vowels minus the A to get :


Do I simply remove all repeating letters etc…
I"ve heard some say that when a statement of intent you reduce, but for a name you conserve all letters,unless its a hebrew name in which case you reduce all vowels minus A plus remove all repeating letters.

Please help clarify.

Thank you.