Question on ingredients

I’ve noticed a lot of rituals require ingredients such as say a candle.

I’m fairly interested in performing rituals now as opposed to my usual petitions which have given me good results but have also failed from time to time. I’ve also had mixed results with Law of Attraction but I’m still working on it.

I’ve noticed that some rituals will help were manipulation needs to be done instantly. Say a love spell or getting someone tf out of my way (were harm is not needed).

So could I instead visualize the ingredient. For example in EA’s manipulation ritual, I need a black candle. Instead could I visualize a flame while holding the fetish over the flame and maybe invoking Agni to act as the flame?

Thanks in advance

Honestly candles, herbs, oils etc. are great to use in spell works as using ex. honey and sugar in love spells, coffee and cinnamon for job spells, grave yard dirt and vinegar in curses etc. But the magick doesn’t come from whatever herb or candle you’re using, the magick comes from you. Energy is the key here and it’s your energy that’s filled with your want and desire that gives you the control. Ingredients are however very helpful and useful in rituals but as I said you’re the one that’s important. The strength of your will, desire, emotions, belief, trust and words is what makes the results happen. I’m not so sure about visualizing the ritual itself, it’s better to visualize the results you want to achieve. If I cast a spell on a specific person I often vizualise my ritual charged with my energy reaching the person when he/she’s asleep affecting him/her and then I visualize the results. It’s not impossible to cast a spell without herbs etc. but it makes it easier and more powerful. White candles can be used for mostly anything and if I were you I would at least have a white candle, channeling my energy to that candle and then visualize and then chant. You can invoke a spirit to help you strengthen your spell but you need to ask the spirit first if it’s willing to help you and if it wants anything in return before invoking and just out of nowhere asks the spirit to do this and that. There’s a reason for your fails, but that’s normal when you’re new. Remember to choose your words wisely. Like don’t say ex. " Please make (name) fall in love with me. " Instead say " (name) shall fall in love with me. " Follow your intuition.


Thank you. Your advice is of great value to me