Question on healing and astrology

If you are going to heal someone, how do you view astrology as a connection?
I can think of three factors for starters:
1 The sun sign of the person - In a well known zodiac illustration, we see that each sign has an associated body part assigned by the sign. That sign also lists the ruling and exalted planet, meaning that you could open the planet up and the elemental gate, and adjust influence.
2. The position of the true north and south nodes, one is said to be the cause and one the solution of health matters.
3. The deposited planets and associated malific aspects of the house of health.

How does one affect instantaneous change for better or worse if you know their chart?
I know enochian cacedaemons can cause health issues, how are they associated with zodiac signs other than a mutual element?

When I went massage therapy school we did some work focusing on the yin and yang aspects and the elements. (Earth, air,fire,and water)

One class was actually hydrotherapy.

And we used heated healing stones.

I think it would be very in depth to get into their astrological charts. But I see where it would be beneficial.

You could also work with planets that are known for healing aspects. And use their days and hours. Like day of the sun and hour mercury…speedy recovery or quick healing. :sun_with_face:

Anyway just my thought :slight_smile:


Much appreciated advice @Eye_of_Ra :slight_smile: thanks.

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No problem ! :heart:

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I was reading Waite’s Ceremonial Magic book while in the doctors waiting room yesterday, and was reading the section on The Black Pullet. There are talismans and rings to create, that are adorned with various astrological symbol. One is for healing, I will have to have an arts and crafts hour today.

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Arts and crafts are fun!! :slight_smile:

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I started arts and crafts yesterday … Sanded down the large dowsing stick shown to me by spirits, as well as the large floor to ceiling one. Need to seal and watercoat them, and paint or otherwise decorate. One is as tall as the ceiling, so Irish walking stick or coat and hat rack is an exoteric use.

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I dunno about the relation to specifics on the charts regarding healing. But i have seen instances where the energetic confilcts between the natal and transits reveal the planetary aspects that point to that health issue. Most of these are noticed after the fact because of the vast array of correspondences with the planets and signs and their aspects.

But on the practical side you can charge a tool to aid in the healing process in the form lf a type of healing field. This kind of area of effect magic can be done with with the forces of jupiter (increase) and the sun ( healing). It would probably be wise to incorporate the energies of mercury (knowledge) and the sun so you can get an idea how long to remain on in the area or to isolate the energies.

As an excess of solar planetary energy can lead to inflammation in its various aspects of emotional, mental and physical.