Question on Draconic initiation

Ive done the initiation three times and my common problem is that the lancet i use for blood portion, either doesn’t go deep enough or my finger heals too quickly. I have to tightly squeeze said finger and its still not enough for a “drop” so in a desperate attempt to save the ritual i dumped my finger into the red drink of choice. Then id squeeze again and anoint the blade(which is not the problem here).
So i ask is that okay? seeing that im still getting the blood into the red liquid, or maybe some sort of alternative would work like cum or saliva.

Blood in the Draconian current is used to open the gates to the Nightside and to give spirits the energy necessary to manifest. Sexual fluids can also be used for the latter purpose. However, if we talk about the initiation into the current I wonder if that’s a good replacement since blood has both symbolical and esoteric meanings behind it and technically you’re not summoning anyone.

If you need my advice, I’d say if your lancet doesn’t go deep enough, then make it go deep enough to get one drop of blood. (not to mention, why would you do the initiation for three times?)

Draconic and draconian aren’t the same

Might be the gauge.

I recently went up to the .28 Guage and it’s a world of difference.

I started with .30 guage (no wait …33?), admittedly because I was new to USI g blood and a bit hesitant or squeamish about it.

With the .28 Guage I can keep getting blood for a good bit before I either have to wait for it to clot or it finally does on its own.

Might also depend on where you’re poking.

Recently, I found out that my pointer has a lot of thick tissue or something so it’s actually a bit more painful and feels a bit weird like I’m poking through gristle. :grimacing:

seems like ill have to press deeper onto my finger before pressing in.
as to doing 3 times, Asenath mentioned you can do it many or just once, ive set a goal for my self just so i can get used to the current in that way.
Thank you for the thoughts.

Can you explain it for me.

ive actually been using the 28 which was the smallest i can get my hands on, im terrified of needles and so using it was not so great.
but my fingers seem to quickly close up, though ive only poked my thumb(first time a good dab) and index finger(gave me absolutely nothing)

I poke the side of the finger next to the main pad or fingerprint area.

The skins less thick/tough there.

I usually poke the middle finger or ring finger myself.

Mainly the ring finger.

Draconic is Dragon Magick

Draconians aren’t dragons, they’re more like humanoid dragon like creatures

They both have different goals but draconian is kinda malevolent

Draconic is divine empowerment, it’s teachings and it’s current is the ancient magick itself most traditions came from Draconic energy because the dragons are masters of magick maybe even the oldest ones

Actually, I’ve remembered something. When I was a kid I used to have a similar problem when I visited doctors to run blood tests. And what really helped me was rubbing the tip of my finger for a minute or so before the test to make the blood circulation better. Maybe it’ll help you. Oh, and try the ring finger.

interesting , btw do you know any books or website about the draconic current ?

Check out working dragon mystic on YouTube

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[quote=“Alahimavatara, post:12, topic:167429”]
dragon mystic
[/quote] thanks :wink: you just make me discovered a brand new current , i wasn’t aware of it , i only knew about the draconian current

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oh sweet. ill give a tag later when i try this

ah okay, thank you for letting me know this, and ill have to check that channel you gave to the other guy in this thread.

Just to make sure, are you using a razor or a diabetic lancet? Where are you using the device on your finger? Sometimes if you aim too low and that part of your finger is too thick it can be difficult to draw blood.

That being said, sexual energy is also used to open gateways and manifest on the draconian path in general. I don’t see why you could not use sexual fluids. However, like others have said previously, there is a symbolic implication with using blood for this.