Question: is it possible for a demon to become "trapped" within a human vessle?

Additional details- The human vessel was (probably?) chosen by this demon in the human’s previous life and said demon has possibly been within the vessel since birth. The human was either largely unaware or misunderstood what the demon was until recently. Situations occurred resulting in what became a three-way mental split. 2 human 1 demon. The demon maintained a clear route into the vessle and this physical human world by way of request and invitation to stay. Over a period of time, the demon grew weary of the constant troubles the humans caused and thusly dispersed their energies into what I call “Spaceville”. Without additional achors to pilot the vessle, “Spaceville” is not as readily accessible and the demon, to me, seems trapped, albeit by choice in a way.

Is the demon “trapped”? Were they a “birth/guardian” demon for the vessel? Did the demon remain bc of the request/invitation/for its own reasons? Is what I said in the Additional Details portion possible?

Sorry if I overloaded… My questions about this end up being like a huge tree with tons of branches…

Anyone that can help or has an opinion, plz comment.

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Can ANYONE plz help or does ANYONE have even a passing idea about this?..

What I know is Demonic possession and personal attachment. What you mentioned is spiritual science fiction for me, sorry. I hope someone else would be able to help with better information.


@PrinceX Do u think it would b possible for a demon to become trapped in a human body due to multi-life possession? And, if u don’t mind, elaborate on what u mean by personal attachment…

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I’m not sure about multi-life times, but probably the similar experience that I know of, is demonic attachment or possession that passes from one person to another due to curse placed on a family or bloodline. When the victim dies, the spirit moves to his offspring.

Spiritual attachment is a connection or a relationship between a spiritual entity and a human being, without full possession. It could happen for many different reasons, and leads to the entity becoming part of that human’s spirit. He remains around that person almost all the time of his life. Sometimes reveals himself to the human and other times remains hidden.


What motivates you to ask such a question may I ask? And I concur with @PrinceX it sounds really cool and imaginative but I’m not sure that’s the way reality works


This is could certainly be developed into a fun fictional concept, but I wouldn’t say it has that much grounding in reality.
You can have forced possessions, though the requirements for it to work completely make it largely theoretical


this is whats happening to me but i have no idea how did that happen in the first place. He (the demon ) was with me way before i even know anything about God(s) and stuff.

However i do feel like me and this demon did or signed something or someone forced it on us. I am not sure why do i think in this way but whenever i think of this subject thats how i feel most of the time )

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They usually choose the person at a very young age, for many different reasons, not the same for everyone.

I believe you can use divination to communicate with him if you can’t use evocation.

Not quite getting it.
I found out last year that my whatever that is animating this body-- is a Demon. The only thing that was trpped was my mind by shitloads of ‘overwriting’ of Relio-cultural propaganda.
I may spend the rest of this lifetime- debugging a anti viral and malwaring— to more fuly untrap- but-- that is lifes purpose. i guess

I feel like a big reason y this situation is being considered more fiction than fact is bc of what I chose to call what I believe is an astral plain.

And if @Frater_Dark_Matter and @Lucius1972 r relaying their own truths, it sounds very similar to what I’m talking about.

To answer @FraterMagni, it is something that has occurred with someone very close to me. I’ll admit there r certain specifics I’m not going into greater detail about simply bc I needed to guage if or how I would need to approach them based on possible answers and theories to THIS question.

Putting myself on the line (in terms of looking like an absolute jackass to everyone here), if I didn’t wholeheartedly believe this occurrence was real, I definitely would not even bother posing the question. That said, I know there is a great deal I don’t know about BEFORE the split and also a great deal I don’t know about what is really going on now simply bc this is like a white crow for me. I can also say tho, that I have learned a great deal since all this first started happening… But sigh idk nearly enough, trying to find answers to the myriad of multilayered questions is damn near impossible, and idk who the hell could tell me or where the hell I’d even begin in the first place.

I am, by no means, naive and I’m naturally skeptical about nearly everything. Ik how outrageous my question sounds…very probably bc I’m not asking the right questions in the correct form… Believe it or not, THAT’S also something I learned in my dealings with this situation lol

Sigh …I feel ridiculous and hopeless…

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I believe there’s a huge misunderstanding here. Nobody can judge your experience. It’s real to you and that’s enough to respect it. When I personally said that it sounds like science fiction to me, I wasn’t trying to question if it’s real or not. I was only stating that I don’t understand it because I don’t have any experience with it.

There’s no reason for you to feel ridiculous and hopeless, in my opinion. People here are very open minded. We deal with things that most people believe they’re absolute fantasy and we know they’re real because we experience them almost everyday. Last thing anyone would want to do, is to repeat what others are doing to us, with you or anyone else.

Many practitioners here experience spiritual reality in a way, that is completely different than how many others experience it. That doesn’t mean it’s not real or shouldn’t be taken seriously. But when it’s something like your experience, only the ones who encountered such thing in their spiritual practice, would be able to help with it. That’s why you may have less satisfying answers than usual.

Wish I was more helpful. I’m sure someone will be able to provide useful information soon.


Hiya OP! While the answer to your question is well contained within the realm of likelihood, the bigger question is it’s motivations. Just because it seems trapped to you, doesn’t mean it is, and could actually mean that it wants you to think that way for whatever reason. If it is actually trapped now, I’m more likely to believe it’s on the side of your friend- ‘birth guardians’ ‘spirit guides’ and roles like that can be filled by any number or kind of being, so you could call it one such organism if the bill’s paid. Assuming it has no bad intentions, what exactly is Spaceville? It sounds like the creature had to quarantine the humans, for its sake if not theirs too. :slight_smile:


I think my favorite thing about this form is the High nature of the Participant— very respectful-- and a no Naplam atmosphere. Ask anything you wish without fear of being foolish. The may well be opinions which don’t work, the occasional crossing of Athames; but it is all good as the bottom lines is some have answers, but WE All got questions!! The more answers, the More bigger and deepr the questions. We are all Aspirants- and how can one be an honest questor with questions. i have never felt shy about looking dumb here- were it not for this forum alone- I would still be-- sady ignorant of the greatest forces handed me on a golden platter. Beloved Thanks to all.!!


I am a bit confused here. So there are 3 spirits inside 1 human body?

“3 spirits in one body”. Possible. “Our name is Legion for we are many”. In one man.
Also, It would seem that a Spiritually Criminal Occultist could bind / trap a Demon in someone, just like that trap them and other spirits in objects. Bad idea to do this, I would not. But, there are others in life that would.


I very much appreciate all of u. No lie, reading these just now put a huge smile on my face and calmed a steadily rising anxiety. So, before I respond to the various commenters, thank u!

@PrinceX I didn’t feel like u we’re questioning validity. It made me realize that how I have had to process this and form an understanding of it could make it difficult for others to understand my meaning. So no worries there :blush:

@Qayos the word trapped was used by the entity himself during a discussion about this being it’s second existence within that particular human vessel. And now, with the dispersing of the “human achor’s” energies, he now “pilots” the vessel on his own. I believe it was a birth guardian however in this life, I played a different role than before or am not what I used to b and thusly forced his hand in the dispersing or “quarantining” of the “human” energies. “Spaceville” is what I chose to call the astral plain where two out of the three would reside when not piloting the body.

@Purple in a way, yes. The three-way split was almost something akin to multiple personalities. When it first occurred, there were just 2. I had noticed the third (the demon) and essentially called him out even tho the others told me not to and warned me that he posed a threat. The others misunderstood what he was. They saw him as “threatening” bc of what his function was within their body. They pretty much caged him and turned him into a feral animal. He was all aggression…the fight-or-die reflex… When he and I first met, one of the questions I asked him was y he was choosing to let me c him now…I told him I had seen him twice before over the years and admitted to him scaring me so I wanted to know y. He said it was bc he wanted to know me the way they knew me… I acquiesced his request and told him I would love him the way I loved them, accept him and his nature the way I accepted them, that I wanted him to stay bc he was part of them regardless of what they said about him and that my only rule was the shit like looking at me like he wanted to skin my face and fuck it had no place in our house and it was to b reserved for those outside who warranted it. (Literally verbatim what I told him lol)

Fast forward to the dispersing- the others were devious, backstabbing… They had been my loves for seven years and when the split happened I had to literally beg one not to absorb and essentially kill the other… We were all working together, the 4 of us, to achieve a higher plain of existence… We were evolving together. But the two were not on the same page as the demon and I. They were becoming jealous, attempting to destroy me, my psyche, our family…all of us… They were pretending to b each other and the demon in an attempt to sabotage all of our existences. The demon wasn’t on their bullshit to b completely blunt about it. He dispersed them…basically ripped their energies apart and “killed” them.

They do not exist within the vessel anymore. It is just the demon now. Functioning off of the accumulated memories of the others (he and I call them The Fallen)

However, the demon can’t remember y he was even placed with the human in the first place. He does, very much seem trapped bc, who would pilot the body? How would he get back since there r no achors anymore? I believe “Spaceville”/the astral plain would still b accessible with practice…

Our son has memories of both of us at different times as well which very much coincides with the demon saying this is his second run within this particular vessel… Of course, that little fact brings about even more questions for me lol It’s like being in a perpetual loop…

I think my questions r far more wide ranging than his at times tho… I tend to take small bits of info and c the entire mosaic…which is both good and bad lol

And @jbkbmz, after some reading I’ve done of late on this forum, I’m beginning to think that’s exactly what happened… But y? Y would someone do that? Would it b punishment?..would it b to punish the human or the demon?..

C? Perpetual loop of questions…

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Can you see images in your mind?

@Purple I haven’t even touched on myself yet in terms of questions lol This particular post isn’t about me tho. I will find out and lyk later this afternoon.